Your goal means nothing if you do not have an eye on this!

You can not go for a single education, attend a single conference, read a single self-help book, have a single staff meeting, without hearing the word goals. Setting goals are the holy grail of efficiency.

As many times as they have been presented to the S.M.A.R.T goals as if they were just invented and will solve all of our problems, only we can remember what each boxer stood for.

What we talk about less, but that really makes a difference whether we create endurance to achieve all these goals, is why we do what we do!

There is no problem at the staff meeting to add and set goals that match each letter. Nor to appoint responsible for the project, interim goals, and deadlines. Fresh we start, maybe already the day after and everyone (now, almost everyone) is on and trying to implement the new brilliant plan. What we have not raised, however, is how we deal with the situation when we encounter our first resistance.

It is because every time we break new ground, we have to break our old patterns and get new habits or go outside our comfort zone. Staying out of your comfort zone is not comfortable, it’s one of the names! If it is not comfortable, we will work people so that we will as quickly as possible avoid the unpleasant and return to the old, well-known. Unknown is dangerous, our instincts say.

Before we know the word, the new goals have plunged and we are thinking less and less of them. Perhaps the boss tries to keep the flame alive for a while but notices that the employees are shy away from the eyes and the body language signals low involvement. This story repeats again and again, whether it is the company’s new goals or whether it is the new ideal weight that should be achieved.

What could have made a difference? Just, we need to know WHY we will go beyond our familiar environment. Is it enough to add a little why on the line below our S.M.A.R.T goal? No, unfortunately, it’s not easy either. Partly because we will not reach our true why when we write down our opinion, partly because every one of us has different perspectives and what matters to us is highly individual.

But how do you do that? From my mentor, I learned to learn a supernova! I have to ask myself the question why 7 times!

I will show you my example as I did when I was given the task of doing my mentor when I wanted to learn digital marketing. It took me several months to actually come up for my real reasons why I wanted to work with digital marketing. Asking these questions tore up a storm of feelings within me because I now got the clarity of WHY I was looking for this.

But every time it takes to sit down at the computer and solve another problem, analyze even more data and understand that my communications still need to be ground to get new customers, I can come back to my WHY chain and now I KNOW why I need to take another step towards my goal, to be free.

So, my WHY chain looked, I show it to you just as it looked when I did it, unpolished and raw. But the important thing is that it’s mine why it’s within me these words are important. It’s not the very words of which are important, but the very method of accessing the essence.

Why I want to work with digital marketing and SFM


I want to work whenever I want and with what I want!


  1. Therefore, I never want to work anymore or something that forces me to do things that I’m not good at.


  1. Therefore, it made me feel so bad and I was burned out.


  1. Therefore, I never felt I was dying and was good enough. In addition, I worked unreasonably many hours in relation to my salary.


  1. Because of a regular business, the requirements will never be lowered or be good enough. You will always be chased to make better profits at the expense of the employee. The salary will be low because there is no difference if I work indefinitely with overtime, so I do not get paid per hour or effort.


  1. The purpose of a company is to always continue expanding and increasing its profits. Therefore, the belts will be pulled tougher and harder. This makes employees worse and worse, making the opportunity to be a good boss almost non-existent. You will always feel insufficient. The salary can hardly affect as it is regulated by the general wage situation and the trade negotiations. The only way to increase your salary more than a single percentage is to change jobs and, once again, you have broken the chain and have to change the environment and climb the next social ladder. You will never feel at home.


  1. It will be very difficult to build relationships with your colleagues if you have to squeeze them or know that you are likely to change work soon, all that they change work. This makes people not dare to get close to each other, which means that you do not really stand up for each other in all situations. You simply become selfish and look for your own house first and foremost. In addition, wage negotiations create skepticism and confidence crises. As a manager, it is a great distance to the staff, which does not feel good in the heart.


  1. You will be incredibly lonely! One feels insufficient! You dare not trust what your coworkers say or do! You do not dare to bet anything you have because you’re probably not working for so long! You do not feel good when you can not do anything for someone bigger than yourself! We humans are not built to work alone, we are built to cooperate in groups, but then we need the trust and feeling of belonging and that the others want you.

Did you notice that my answers became longer and longer and the thoughts became deeper? That’s exactly what’s meant. It becomes as an inner reasoning with oneself and one has to put words on the feelings that you might not even know that you were wearing.

But can this really work in a workplace? How should a staff group be able to do such an exercise together?

The answer is that they do not have to do it together at all. Because every human being has his own WHY, it would be impossible to implement. But there is nothing that says that the group can not score goals, but then each person individually can put their own why. I find a fictional person, where the staff team has set goals to:

All sellers will increase their sales 10% compared to the previous year:

Why? For the company to go well financially!

Why? Because if they are doing well, my job is safe and I earn more money!

Why? In order for my job to be secured, we can borrow and buy the house we looked at!

Why? Because I want my children to grow up in a nice area!

Why? Because I want them to find nice friends and to play outside safely and safely.

Why? Because if the children are doing well, I feel good about my spouse!

Why? If our relationship is happy and the kids are doing well, I know I’m doing well. For me, the family is the most important and they are the main reason I work 8 hours each day.

Did you hang out? Okay, the reasoning was simplified, but I hope you have been able to address your own spirit about why there is no point in setting goals if you do not know why!

Do you want to meet the same mentor as I have? I clicked on an ad once and received 7 videos sent to me that concerned how digital marketing can give me the freedom to choose how I spend my time myself. If you want to get the same videos as I, browse this link and fill in your name and email, then you will get access to the same information that I received.

WHY will you do that? Yes, I do not know, you only know 🙂


Erika Lindström


3 thoughts on “Your goal means nothing if you do not have an eye on this!”

  1. Hi Erika! I enjoyed reading your post. I am similarly discovering my own deep yet simple “why’s” as I embark on my journey to learn digital marketing. Your are right! We must get in tune with our “why’s” so that we can stay focused on our new business with our spirit’s full cooperation. And goal setting and following through is the holy grail of efficiency that leads to our success! This year was the year I truly began to make goals and write them down every day, over and over! I am convinced that this process helped me to attract SFM and digital marketing in my life and with my continued application of goal setting and affirmations anything is possible. Thank you for sharing your perspective and example involving a business atmosphere. The last list felt like it became a win win for all involved and I could feel the positive energy that came with more clarity. I wish you well on your journey!


    1. Thank you Jeananne. I’m so glad that you found my blog post valuable to read. To understand “why” you do something or your “why” you want to achieve your goal is much much deeper and profound I have come to understand. Before I had a vague why clear, but what happens is that the first time you step into a road bump and it all get’s hard, you so easily lose your motivation. This is something we all have to deal with, and when this happens it good to have a clear vision of the outcome of our journey. Then we can go back and attach the feeling success when we reach our goal, and it’s easier to find new motivation.
      Have a wonderful day!


  2. I posted in here first instead of in page engage so the comment is also pending there. You may want to delete my comment from your site since it may show twice if approved in page engage. Oops! I’m learning. I hope you are doing awesome! 🙂

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