You know it’s right when it’s going smoothly!

Have you ever had that feeling that you are in a flow?

You know, when everything you touch seems to be right and every choice you make seems to be the right one, or you just feel that you have the most luck for a reason?!

I have, many times! But I also had so many times in my life when everything seems to go the opposite way. When you need to take a hard decision and you think very hard about the different outcome of your decision, and then it turns out to be the wrong one anyway.

Or you buy that thing you want so much and it seems like you did a great deal, just to find a sales letter in your mail that your product now is for sale someplace else.

Sometimes in life, it feels like your bad luck just banging you in your head! Like it’s no end of how many accidents that can happen at the same time. New unexpected costs seem to chase you everywhere….!

So how can you know when something is right?

I have learned that when the resistance is strong, everything is a struggle and bad things seem to appear all the time, around a new project, job or other decision, I am on the wrong path!

On the other hand, when I am on the right path, all I do is going so smoothly and just fall into place, like a perfect puzzle. Bit by bit the picture unfolds until it’s complete. A puzzle is not funny if all the bit’s are put together already from the beginning. It’s the creation of it and putting it together, that excites you, right?!

So, next time when you need to take that big decision in your life. Try to feel how everything is going. Is it a flow around this project? If everything seems to be without resistance, even though you might not see so far (the puzzle is in front of you, but you can not see the complete picture yet) just go for it.

If it feels like you have to push and pull and the timing seems to be bad, you are probably in the wrong direction. Just stop and relax about the whole thing. Meditate and release your inner vibrations, and you will see that all will come together, but not in the way you had planned in the beginning.

When you meditate and release resistance new ideas will pop up in your head. Sometimes it just hit you like a bolt of lightning, other times life will continue and suddenly someone or something will just come into your life that offers a solution. When this happens, don’t be afraid to take action on that inspiration. Now you know that you are on something big, this is the missing bit of the puzzle that you needed.

Soon enough you will be able to enjoy the view of your finished puzzle, a beautiful picture that will fit just perfect in your life!


Be a game changer!


4 thoughts on “You know it’s right when it’s going smoothly!”

  1. Erika, you are so right! If you need to force things then you are pushing in the wrong direction. I try to make time for meditation everyday for clarity of thought and that is when I have my best ideas. Knowing when to abandon a bad decision is hard, especially if you have invested time and money, but ultimately it is better to move on and go with the flow.

    1. Thank you for your comment Roger. That is so true. It’s very hard to abandon a bad decision when you have invested both time and money into something. Sometimes it’s also a lot of prestige in it too. But once you have change the direction, everything will just unfold and you can see things more clear. Life is wonderful!

  2. This is a great insight Erika. I can think of so many examples from both sides of the coin in my own life. I think the important thing is to get good at actually making decisions rather than spending too much time weighing up the possible outcomes – they are invariably not exactly as you envision them anyway. If you never make decisions you can never learn from them.

    1. Hey Dave, yes I agree with you. Sometimes we just wished that someone could tell us what will happen in the future, but that is impossible. So just take a decision and go for it. If it’s not working out, drop it and change direction. It’s not a failure, it’s a life lesson! //Erika

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