Why pay for SFM Academy, when I can just Google it?

As you might know by now, SFM is an academy, teaching you how to master  Digital Marketing. One of the questions I get when I talk to people is “why do I need to pay for this education when it’s possible to Google most of the information?”.

Let’s talk about that! First of all, of course, you can google, if you have a lot of free time and nothing better to spend it on, and also a lot of money to lose on mistakes that you will have for sure. Why is that so?

Imagine that you want to become a carpenter and you want to build your own house! You have seen others doing it, so you understand that you need some tools and material to build with. So, first of all, you need to decide which tools you will need first and most frequently. So you start to create your own tools. Without the right machinery and skills, it’s very difficult to make your own saws and hammers, but you might be able to create something similar, even though the quality is not too good, to be honest.

So, now you are ready to start building your house. You have no drawings, but in your mind, it will look like a castle!  Do I even need to describe what the house would look like if you have no education in carpeting, plumbing, electricity, and painting? How expensive do you think this project will be? Do you think that it will look like a castle? How much time and energy will this house consume from you, and was it really a good idea to do this without education and proper tools?

What is digital marketing?

With digital marketing, you have exactly the same conditions to be successful. Being a digital marketer is a real job, a real skill, which requires education and understanding. You need proven tools and you need to know which tool is good to use where. You need a plan, drawings, to be able to scale up until you have your castle. You also need to be aware of all the changes that happen with a very short notice on the marketing platforms.

As a student at SFM Academy, you will be provided with the best and latest tools on the market, you will get access to the best leaders in the marketing in the world, you will be able to study over 10.000 courses on Microsoft Lynda.com. You will be a member of a unique community where all the members help each other to succeed. You will start a new journey in your life, where you start to know your own value and create your own drawing of a castle of your own. Your castle will be built on time freedom, financial freedom and a feeling of fulfilment and joy in life.

What is that kind of education worth to you? Can you really afford not to? If so, just Google it!


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