Don't quit your ordinary job while buildning a side hustle

Why it’s better to start a side hustle besides your ordinary job

Have you been told that to be able to succeed as a business owner, you have to quit your ordinary job and go all in? Like Tony Robbins say, “Burn The F**n Boat“? Here’s why you should NOT do that when starting a new business for your self.

Type 1 “Burn The F**N Boat”-persona

There is some truth to the saying that you need to quit your job and commit 100 % to your new business, otherwise you will never succed. But this will only work for a certain type of person. So how can you know if you’re one of those that needs to say goodbye to your boss?

The answer is if you know that you most often only performs under pressure. For example, if you know that you work best with deadlines and if you have to account for your result to others.

This persona will actually benefit from burning the boat and cut off all the safety net’s to be able to succeed. Sounds scary as hell, maybe that’s because you are the Type 2-persona instead.

Type 2 “Be Smart – Stay Safe”-persona

Here’s what’s interesting, in some surveys they came to the result that over 33 % of the new business owners actually benfitted from NOT quitting their ordinary jobs and cut them self lose.

What happened to this group of people was that when they put them self into a position where they did not have any kind of safety net anylonger, they went straight into fear, and lost their creativity which really hurt the business growth.

How can you know the difference between pure fear and being out of the comfort zone?

Here’s a fact, everyone who’s ever started a new business knows that you will will feel some kind of fear every now and then, but there’s a difference between being scared of something new and outside your comfort zone, than feeling deep fear that paralyzen you.

Good healthy fear is something that you can learn how to recognize when it comes and handle it to make it fade away. That is totally normal to feel and it’s only our brain’s warning system to alert us if we’re about to enter a new area of our life where the brain can’t evaluate if it’s possible risk for death or just a new challenge at work. The brain can’t tell the difference because it’s a new situtation, and therefore it takes no risks so it will go off and give us the big risk -alerts, until it learned that we are okay.

Unhealthy fear is a much deeper feeling. If you ever were in a situation where something happened and you went so scared that the adrenaline just spray out from your suprarenal gland and everything around you blacks out. Maybe you were close to car crash or something else that really scared you.

Then you know the feeling of being frozen, completely focused on the dangerous thing in front of you, hearing get’s lost, you lose your split vison and you can’t listen to any good advise etc.

This is the ultimate state of fear, but I want you to imagine that feeling of fear for a second to feel the difference between being out of your comfort zone and true fear.

Here’s why it’s better to stay at your ordinary job while starting a new business

Okay, we understand that some feelings of fear is okay to have, but we don’t want to push it too far. So if you’re in the process of starting up business for your self, hopefully built out of your passions and true values, you need to make a great business blueprint that will give you the success you’re dreaming of.

Of course you will have to create a great plan on the business idea, budget, target market, what problem you will solve for your customers etc.

But you also need to make a plan on how to get your first customers and from there be able to scale it into an income stream that actually will replace your ordinary job income.

Here’s what I know after have done this journey a couple of times my self…

You need to invest money & time, to make money & time!

But Erika, that’s not true, you might think. You can do social media marketing and grow organically…

Sure, you can…but you know what…that will take a lot of time to do, and your time is worth money!

Are you prepared to stay in your current situation, writing blogs EVERY DAY, create and posting new content on Instagram etc. 5 times a day, while you’re still managing your ordinary job and family life, for the next 3 years or more? This is what it takes to do “free marketing” if you want to call it a free strategy.

Actually, I think it’s super expensive becaue my time spent on social media can never come back to me and my children.

Here’s the FAST TRACK to earn more money on your business

Learning how to do paid marketing!

You can actually use the social media platforms to give you both financial income AND more time left to spend on the things you find is important to you.

Learning how to do paid marketing on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and of course YouTube is in my opinion the fastest way to grow you business and give you the kind of lifestyle you really wanted when you started your new business.


Never go into the trap where you trust the platforms to give you advise on how to do paid marketing. Remember, they want to earn money on advertising, YOUR MONEY! So just don’t think that you can write a blog post and then boost it on Facebook and that will give you a ton of new customers. No, no, it’s more complicated that that.

What you need to learn, is the skills that all successful internet marketers have, building congruent and selling sales funnels that will attract and transform the right customers from social media followers, into buying customers.

When you know these secrets you will have an automated business that gives you income while you’re sleeping, or spending quality time with your family.

Action plan:

Here’s what you need to do if you’re serious about building a new business that will replace your job income (or much much more):

  1. Educate your self so that you understand how to attract your ideal customers to buy from you.
  2. Learn how to use the internet to automate your business so that you free up time
  3. Learn how to do paid marketing the right way, so that you earn back at least 2 dollars per every spent dollar!
  4. Surround your self with people that will support you and give you the best energy for example in a community with great culture of being helpful and help you grow.

This will cost you a bit of money, and therefore it’s better for you to stay at your ordinary job, so that you have a secured income to pay your bills while you’re building your new dream business of yours.

This strategy helped me to build a 6-figure online business, without being paralyzed of fear, and since then I have helped hundreds of new entrepreneurs to do the same.

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Live A Life That Matters

Erika Lindström

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