Why do people not reach their goals?

We all have them, but most of us never succeed to accomplish them, our GOALS! But why is it so difficult to reach for something that we want so badly? Is it because we are weak, are the goals too high or is it something else? In this article, I will give you my perspective on how to reach a goal successfully. 

So what is the things that can help us to reach our goals? In this article, I will give you a method that I have recently tried in my own life to accomplish 3 different goals I set up for my self. They are a personal goal, a business goal and a health goal. I`m not 100 % there yet, but so far I have not missed one day of the tasks I set up for my self.

Why do people not reach their goals?

  1. The goal was not clearly defined!
  2. The steps required to achieve the goal was not completed!
  3. The consequences of not making the change were NOT heavy enough!

Let`s talk about the Biggest Loser

I guess that you know what I`m talking about. The TV-show that is shown internationally. In the program, they invite super heavy persons that have massive overweight, to compete for a big money prize by losing more weight than the other competitors. They all live together, here in Sweden in a castle. They get help from the best PT trainers you can find and also get help from a nutritionist to learn what and how much to eat.

How is it possible to lose that much weight as they do, in such a short amount of time?

I mean, these people (including my self) has tried everything themselves at home. Of course, they didn`t like to be that overweight! But they were never successful when going on a diet at home.

What`s the difference?

  • They put them self in a situation where the whole nation can watch their journey and achievements on TV!
  • They compete for a big money prize!
  • They put them self in an environment where there are no temptations as in bad food, mobile phone etc.
  • They get professional help from PT`s and with their food.
  • They live in a castle where they have set aside a certain time to work with this part of their life.
  • They have to stand on a scale and show the weight in front of everyone.
  • They spend time with others that are working against the same goals, and very often for the same reasons.

I guess there are even more reasons why Biggest Loser seems to work, but you get my idea, right?

  1. They have a clear goal, to lose as much weight as possible and win the big money prize.
  2. They learn exactly how to do it, by the PTs and nutritionists.
  3. The consequence of not doing the needed work is much worse than actually do the right thing. Their failures will be shown on national tv, they will be sent home, they don`t win the money and they know that they will probably never get such a great opportunity again.

The tipping point

So, what can we learn from this concept? Right, we need to add as many consequences if we fail, that it`s not even a possibility to fail anymore.

We need to cross the tipping point, where it will cost us less to succeed than to fail. Because there will be a struggle, no matter what our goals are. At first, we are super motivated and throw us self right into the tasks that we set up to reach the goal we set up for our self. But (and I`m sure you have been there too) then after a few days the motivation goes down. Thoughts like “it doesn`t matter if I rest just today” comes up in our heads and if we cheat one day, soon you will find your self totally forgotten about the challenge to do a change. That how we humans work, we all look for the easiest way. Change is uncertain and our whole body system gives us signals of danger, to move us back to the familiar again.

What were my consequences that tipped my scale over?

As I wrote about at the beginning of this article, I`m right now working with 3 different goals.

  • Personal goal: I will not use any makeup at all for the next 3 months. No, it`s not because I don`t like make-up, it`s because I realised that I don`t feel comfortable without it. I just didn`t like my picture in the mirror, just looking like I am. My makeup had become my mask, instead of something that was just fun.

  • Business goal: I will write at least 3 articles or broadcasts every week and send it to all my followers I have. I`m working as an affiliate for the Sfm. The Sfm educates people how to start new businesses online and makes it possible to work from home (or wherever you prefer to work) with only their laptop. I joined this education my self less than 1,5 year ago and since then I have built up my own business and now I have almost managed to replace my previous income as a manager. If you want to know more about how I got started, you can click this link, and I will send you a video series that will explain what different opportunities there are on the internet.

  • Health goal: At last I have a health goal and that is to start every morning with drinking at least 50 cl of water, before my breakfast. For as long as I can remember, I never felt thirst during the days or even when I have a meal. And I knew from others that had tried it, that if you start your day by drinking at least one glass of water, your brain and body system will benefit a lot from it. After sleeping we need rehydration and that`s why I decided to give my self the best possible start of the day. 50 cl of water is a lot for me, sometimes I even feel nausea when I drink that much. But, I`ve learned that if I drink the first 25 cl of water quite fast (that is just managed in seconds now) I can drink the rest a little bit slower. And also if I don`t drink chilled water, but a little bit warmer temperature, it`s much easier.

I started these goals almost 2 months ago, and so far I did not miss one single task! I realised that I can sleep even longer in the mornings ( I love soft mornings) because I just need a quick shower and dress, when not using makeup. Now I know how you guys spend their life, and I LOVE IT! In the beginning, I hated to see my face in the mirrors, but now I just don`t care anymore. I feel more confident and I start to accept my self better.

Since I concentrated on serving my followers with consistent valuable content (like I hope this article is for you), I have noticed that my business results are rising fast! Actually, I have done my very best months in revenue since I started my business AND my customers come back to me thanking me for showing them my ad on YouTube because it has changed their life. I mean, who doesn`t feel great when so many people give you that feedback?!

And I drink my water every morning and it helps me feel refreshed and my brain seems to wake up faster. I also feel less hungry and I have cut my breakfast in half, only eating one sandwich now instead of two. Suddenly I felt to start training again, and I found my self buying a training bike, and I actually use the damn thing ;).

So, what were my consequences that I had my scale tipping over?

 Well, I promised in our Sfm community to give $ 500 to a charity called BRIS = children`s rights in society, if I failed in any of those goals. And I also put my self in a situation where my failure (or achievements) would be exposed to the whole Sfm community if I didn`t do what I was promising to do. We are a big group doing this challenge with our personal goals, initiating by our leader at Sfm Stuart Ross. We have our own Facebook group where we hold each other accountable for our actions.

The thing is, I can`t afford to pay that amount of money to any charity, even If I would love to do it! That`s my tipping point!

But I promise you because my business is going way much better from doing this challenge, I will give as much as I can do after these 90 days are finished.

Then I am an even bigger winner at the end….

With love from 

Erika Lindström

“Help you take control and start living a really good life on your terms”


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Thank you so much. 

7 thoughts on “Why do people not reach their goals?”

    1. Thank you so much Nuriya. You know, I wrote this article when I was brand new to this online business, but I still get a lot of positive feedback about it. That only proves that we all have value to give to others, no matter if we are experienced as a business owner or not. Good luck on your new journey Nuriya.

  1. Hey – Great Blog!

    I was wondering if you know any quality workouts for busy mommys hoping to lose weight?

    After seeing a lot of commercials I’ve been looking at purchasing VShred, but I’m noticing a few negative opinions like https://vshredreview.com/

    I’m worried about wasting money on anything too hard or overpriced.

    Kind regards


    1. Thanks Matea. Yes, as a matter of a fact, since I did this challenge I still drink water every morning. It’s more of a must now, than something I need to remember. It becomes a natural ritual, something you do without even take notice of it, just like we brush our teeth every day without thinking of it.

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