What Is Fear, And How To Get Rid Of It

Can you remember the last time you felt fear?
Go back for a couple of seconds to that moment and try to put your self back into that situation again. Be aware of how your body feels when you are in this fear state.

Not so comfortable I guess?!

Well, that is actually a good thing, because you were born with a guidance system in your body to protect you from danger so you won’t hurt your self. It’s perfectly normal to feel fear if you are on hights or standing in the middle of the road in rush hour.

The problem is though, that we have inherited all the fears from our ancestors as well. That’s because evolution is making us smarter and smarter so we can survive and expand as humans. But, the thing is that most of us don’t have to be careful when walking in the forests anymore, because there are not so many tigers left that might attack us. But still, so many of us think it’s scary to spend time in a dark forest alone.

Also, our beloved parents did plant a lot of fears in us from the day we were born. This creates endless amounts of limiting self-believes that will hold us hostage for the rest of our life if we don’t pay attention to it and start freeing our self deliberate.

Of course, our parents didn’t want to put us in mental chains of what is possible for us or not. They probably did their very best to from what they knew, secure us from being hurt. But isn’t it beautiful to listen to a child when he or she describes their dreams of the future? Today my 7-year old son, for example, claimed that he is going to own his own ice hockey arena when he becomes an adult.

How close I was to react and respond as a typical mother at that moment, by giving him an indulgence smile and answer something sensibly, like a typical adult that understands that it will most likely not happen. 
But in the very last second (I hope) I gathered my facial features and nodded and looked interested. I manage to respond to him that it would be awesome when he had his own area and I look forward to getting a VIP-seat. I wish you could see the smile on his face when I didn’t say it would be very difficult. You see, his only 7 years old, but he knows already that this is probably just a fantasy. He knows that because of the limitations I and all the other adults around him already have planted in him.

But really, who am I to say that he will not own an arena in the future? I mean, there are people in this world that actually do that right now. So it’s already proven that it’s possible, right?

So, let’s go back to talk about what fear really is

What is fear?

When you walk through life and meet experiences that cause you to desire something, you suddenly feel a lack of that. 
For example, if you see the perfect house for you, on sale and you just would do anything to purchase it on the spot, but you realize that the house is way over your budget, you suddenly feel this lack of money. 
So you might go home and check all your accounts and possibilities to take a loan, just to realize that you will have to sell everything you own to be able to purchase that house. Now you are full of fear!

So, what’s happened is that you launched a desire and your inner being starts to create a solution towards that immediately. In the Law of Attraction, this is called launching a rocket of desire into your vortex. So your inner being has moved to work on the manifestation of this house, but your limiting self-belief holds you back and points at all the things that could go wrong if you buy that house. So now you have a grid between what you think is reality and where your inner being is. And that grid feels like fear in this case!

And fear feels awful, doesn’t it?

So, because you can’t stop your inner being, you have to catch up with it, because your inner being will never go back to where you stand in the so-called reality. I’m sure you are familiar with the expression “face the fear”. 
And sometimes you have to do that, but it doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable.

If you just start to be aware of the feeling of fear without judging it, but just accept that it’s present and then remember what it stands for. It’s just a sign that your inner-being is way ahead of you and you need to catch up. So the best way to do that is to take control over your limiting self-believes and stop them from ruling your life.

But how can you take control over something that was implanted in us since the beginning of times? 
The answer is MEDITATION!

Get rid of fear and be succesful as an online entrepreneur

Meditation is a way to push the reset button and clear out all the resistance we have collected in our lifetime and the generations before us. Today the scientists can actually see how our brainwaves slow down when we are meditating and other parts of our brain get activated. So again, who are we to say it’s impossible to create our own reality, simply by using techniques like meditation and visualisation? Who knew that we all would use a mobile phone to manage almost everything in our life, just 20 years ago?

If you want to learn how to meditate, I have recorded a video where I explain how I put my self into that relaxed state of mind, where I’m able to slow my thoughts down. Just click this link:https://youtu.be/MOn82PGiEck

Now, what do you dream about that you are afraid of realising?
I can share with you that I was full of fear when I realised that I just couldn’t stand going back to my job after being burnt out, and I quit my well-paid job as a manager. Instead, I joined an education that taught me how to make money from the internet.

Yeah, I promise you that my friends and family were sceptical about that and I was too, to be honest. But I “faced my fear” and started to meditate every day and visualised my self as a successful online marketer.

Today I run this profitable online business and it only took me one year to get there. That means that I no longer need to work full time, so I got a new job as a teacher (which I love to do) and I only work 14 hours a week. The rest of my income comes from my automated online business. Isn’t that amazing?!

Now when I tell people around me about this they all want me to teach them how I did it, LOL. So, if you also are curious about how I got started, check out this link and sign up to get free training from my mentor Stuart.

Now when you know about what fear is, how long will you keep your self in your own inner chains? Can I suggest that you break those chains today and start living the life you where suppose to live, in full freedom and fulfilment?

With love from

Erika Lindstrom

3 thoughts on “What Is Fear, And How To Get Rid Of It”

  1. Hi Erika, inspiring share, I grew up with a lot of fears and limiting beliefs, for years all those fears were holding me back. 1 year ago I started meditation and since then a real shift happened within myself. Great message

  2. Fear is something we all struggle with from time to time and it can be very destructive to our daily lives. Especially when it comes to starting our own business. Learning how to deal with my fears is a daily challenge. But my grates fear of all – is a fear of not trying! I believe, if I can just learn how to move forward in spite of my fears I can grow and learn a lot faster and enjoy life to its full potential!

  3. I totally agree with you Erika. It is very important to believe in yourself and not letting fears come through. I find it a very powerful example you have experienced with your son. Children are believers and fear develops through the years. It is important how to handle it. Everyone is the master of their own thoughts and fears. You will not be mastered by them.

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