What differs Sfm from MLM?

What differs Sfm from MLM?

As you might know by now, I help people to start up new businesses online. I help my customers to find new ways to create freedom as in time and financial. To find solutions to work with something to feel passionate about.   


Less than 1,5 year ago, I was unemployed, burnt out and my business was in bankruptcy. Then I found the Sfm in an ad. I was very sceptical about it all, but I decided to at least give it a try, I knew I had a 30-day refund if I didn’t like it.  At that point, my whole life turned around. The Sfm education was so much more than just another online course, how to create a business online.  I learned about my self, my self-value, I re-discovered what I even like do to (I had totally forgotten what I once liked to do since a long time ago), I started to dream again….. THEN I was taught how to build a business out of that, instead of building my business first and then see if it would make me happy.  

Is Sfm an MLM or a Pyramid?

So many of you ask me this question in the beginning, and I can totally understand why.  

What is a pyramid?

First of all…pyramid companies are illegal and a scam! Very often is it build of a promise of good service, but no one has actually seen the service for real. You earn money by recruiting other people under you, and that’s how the pyramid is growing.  

What about MLM

MLM= Multi-Level Marketing, is a legal business, very often with a good quality product to sell. The business idea is that you use your network around you to get customers. If you then recruit others to sell the same product, you will also get a commission from their sales. The easiest way to get a decent income is to build a sales organisation under your self because your own network is probably not big market enough for you to get enough sales to be able to make a living.  The problem with this business model is that you will need to ask all your friends and family to buy something that they didn’t ask for, to buy from you. It’s easy to feel guilty because they might buy your product to help you, and not because they actually wanted to. And if they don’t want to buy, you might feel a little bit awkward.  Then you have this problem that very soon you have already asked all the people you know, and if you talk about it again you will be perceived as annoying. So, here you are…you need to build your own sales organisation, to be able to grow.  

But now you are standing in front of a big problem….

Where can you find these people, to recruit under your self? One of the common advice from the MLM companies is that you are supposed to collect as many “no’s” as possible. Because for every no you get, the closer to a yes you will be!  Really!!!!! How does this make you feel?  Yes, I know, that will make you feel so bad and stressed ( I know because this story keeps coming back to me when talking to you in my scheduled phonecalls).

Who wants to collect NO and be happy with that?! So, what differs the affiliate business model from MLM?

When you work as an affiliate, you basically recommend a product or service that you like, to someone else. If they decide they like the service or product and decides to buy, you will get a commission from that sale. You can get affiliate commissions from a ton of companies, eg. Amazon, Travel companies, credit card holders, accounting programs, book stores online or as in my case Sfm that sells educations how to build businesses online in a way that provides value to their customers.  

But read this…..you don’t market to your friends and families!!! 

Sfm teaches you how to market in different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Search and Amazon, to make the customers FIND YOU! I have not asked one single person to buy from me! They ALL came to me, just like you did when signing up to my email list after watching my ad. You liked the message I told you, and you read this message right now, because you are curious to learn more about this topic, right?  So, as long as I provide you with valuable information, you keep following me and stays on my list.  Then, of course, many of you take a decision to trust me….or at least give it a try, and sign up to Sfm’s first module, knowing that you take no risk because you will get refunded if so.  

Can you imagine how that would feel like, to be able to make a living out of something that you know will help others to solve a problem, and they all came to YOU, asking to buy?! 

That’s what Sfm taught me to do. How to market to anyone, selling whatever I want to sell. You don’t have to sell Sfm because you are a student at Sfm. They will teach you to sell ANYTHING that you like to sell.  The only reason I’m working as an affiliate for Sfm is that I LOVE this education and what it stands for (help people to solve real problems) and of course, as far as I know, they have the best affiliate program for high ticket sales on the market! And every day, someone contacts me, thanking me for what I do. 

They say that Sfm was SO MUCH MORE than just an online business education. I built my business within less than 1.5 years, as a student of Sfm. If I could do this, you can for sure too! But you need to take a decision to try. You need to take action because there will not be a perfect timing later on. Neither I or Sfm (or someone else) can help you if you don’t make a change.  

Get started today, remember you can not lose, it’s 100 % risk-free the first month. If you decide to not continue after your first month, you will get all the learning in the first module for free….. Here’s what some other members have to say about Sfm’s education!

Click this link! 

With love from Erika  

 PS! You can now get in touch with me by scheduling a call on this link: https://calendly.com/erika-lindstrom

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  1. So weird. I was just searching for information about this stuff and you popped up. You must be doing something right. Thanks by the way, this really answered some questions I was wondering about.

    1. Great Brian
      I’m glad that I was able to answer your questions about this exactly when you needed it. And thank YOU for giving me feedback and comment back. I really appreciate that. Wish you a wonderful day.


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