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Tony Robbins: FOCUS ON YOURSELF | Tony Robbins 2020

Just watched this amazing video by Tony Robbins and felt that I wanted to share it with you. Wish you a wondeful day today, because you deserve it.

Let’s dive into the video, read it or watch it 🙂


Everybody experiences extreme stress at some point in their life. I don’t care who we are something happens outside our control and it hits our life and it knocks us on our tail. It might be a health stress.

It could be something with your family, it could be economic career, it could be something emotional that happens biochemical there’s, so many things it could be an environmental situation that had nothing to do with you.

Every one of us in our lifetime are experiencing extreme stress and these days, because of the economy and the way we’ve respond to it. The majority of people are experiencing some form of extreme stress, at least according to pulse stress, doesn’t, come from the facts.

Stress comes from the meaning that we give the facts. Yes, those things have happened, but the real question is: if we fight what happened. We got a problem. You’re the side. What are we gonna do with what’s happening in life? How are we gonna take this? How are we gonna ball this? How we’re gonna turn, our life around cuz, when you come up with a new meaning, get a new life? So what are we gonna do in this session? Well, in this session, we’re gonna take a look at something from a different perspective.

We’re gonna ask you this question: what is the single force that controls the quality of your life? If there is one gift? Our Creator has given us or the universe whatever you believe. What is it? What is the one power that you have right now in this moment that can change everything you haven’t, I haven’t.

We all have it if this one singular individual power that can change anything in our life, regardless of what happened to us, and I know you know the answer. The answer is the power of choice.

The one thing we have in this world is, we can’t control the events, but we can choose what to focus on. We can choose what things mean, but we can choose what to do those three choices. Those three decisions really control our life.

It’s, not so much the conditions of our life that control our destiny as much as the decisions of our life. Try for a second to think about something think about your life and just think about. Are there a few decisions? If I were to ask you two decisions, you’ve made in life.

You know that if you would have made a different decision, you would have a totally different life. I mean it may be a life made that better or may have been worse. I don’t know, but he would have different life.

I’m, not asking you to to buy into the fact that you should have known the answers I’m. Just want you to see the power of a decision. How is your life better today? Cuz the decision you made years ago, not just negative ones, think about it.

Sometimes a little decision changes. Your whole life, like you, decide one day to go to a certain school and you go to that school to go, eat someplace and you bump into person that becomes the love of your life or you meet someone, and you decide as a result of that that You’re gonna become a photographer or a software engineer, or a business person or a doctor or a dentist, whatever they impacted you, but you made the decision that’s.

What I really want that’s. What that’s, what my life’s gonna be about, and that decision is affected so much of your life. What you do, how you live, your life? How you spend your time, what you earn or don’t earn.

You know who you attract into your life beliefs. You have all come from some of these little decisions. What you decide to eat from your dairy plane each night certainly determines your physical best.

They all know that at least to a certain extent, another suriname that’s, genetics, but I’m. Talking about the stuff you like, so decisions, equal destiny, it’s, not our conditions. It’s, our decisions.

So if we want a new life, if we want a new experience, we got ta make new choices. If you don’t like the way your career is or your businesses change it, if you don’t like your body change it you don’t like your relationship change you first, because if you change it, you’ll bring you to the next one.

Maybe it’s time to change it too, but change yourself first, if you want to change any of your life, you have the choice, so there is no right or wrong. I just want to make you aware, in this breakthrough session, that everything in our life changes the moment we make a decision.

I mean a real decision. The decision is when you cut off any other possibility. You commit to something with everything you. Ve got and you take action, but the big decisions start with little decisions like what am I gonna focus on, because whatever you focus on you’re gonna feel, if you focus on all the things that have been done to you in Your life, of course, you’re gonna feel like hell.

If you focus on all the amazing coincidences that have happened, things that maybe they were guided, maybe thought, but things happen, and because of that, you met this person. That’s. Your best friend, your husband, your wife, or because of that you have this ability or because you were there that day, God you missed an accident.

I don’t know what it is, but whatever you focus on, you’re gonna feel. If you focus on people don’t care and you look through reasons why they don’t care and evidence. They don’t care. You’ll, find it everyone.

If you look for evidence that people are really good people inside that some level, we all care about each other, you’ll, find it seek and you shall find the secret is. Have you become conscious about your decision-making, because this breakthrough session is really going to change your life make new choices.

New life comes from new choices, but you got ta make conscious choices. The people in this particular television special know, Melissa and her husband. They really found himself at a place where they were both making decisions.

Muslim wreck that were unconscious. When you make decisions about what to focus on what things mean, what to do in your unconscious, you get pretty terrible results. Usually now we’ve. All done this, I do it still.

We all do, but if you want to change your results, you got to become more conscious in your decision-making, so think about what you focus on. You will feel whether it’s. True or not, you focus on our people.

Don’t care. You’re gonna feel they don’t care. The second decision you make is whether things mean so you focus on something someone does and you come up with a meaning and the meaning is no one loves me, the meaning.

Is they’re, trying to take advantage of me depending on what meaning you come up with and you get to choose the meaning of anything for some people? They say this situation happened with the economy and what that means is I’m going broke? Somebody else said the situation that with the economy guess what that means.

I’m gonna work harder. I’m gonna be more creative. It changed everything. Everybody else is gonna quit, so we’re gonna dominate the marketplace. The people to do it. Is this the end right now or is it the beginning see whether it’s? The end of beginning is your choice.

You get to decide because once you make up a meaning, it’s. True, if you think this is the end of a relationship, are you gonna treat people the same way as if you think it’s at the beginning of relationship no way? In fact, I tell people if you want to have a great relationship.

Think about this treat people like you did in the beginning of the relationship, and there will be an end in the beginning of the relationship. When somebody says to you, would you take off the trash? What do you say of course, stick up the trash and you’re happy to do anything right, but after about six months or six years, you can take them out the trash go.

What do you mean? Well, I look like your janitor take out your own trash, the meaning we give things is very different. It suddenly feel different in our life that’s different in the beginning. You’ll, do anything for someone now you make up a new meaning.

Why should I have to do that for them little choices like what to believe about yourself want to believe about other people. Whether this is the end of the beginning will start to affect your whole life.

Now, the third decision we make to decide with the focus on most of us. Unconsciously, we decide what things mean, and the third thing to decide is: what are we gonna? Do it is like to quit because it’s overwhelming they decide to get strong and focus this? I’m gonna turn it around beside the wait and see.

Ultimately, your destiny is determined by what you do so, for example, what do you do if somebody comes to you one day and says you have a tumor? Have that experience? I use that as a reference. Blanka’s and a lot of intense experience in my life, but that was one of the more intense ones for sure had many, but that was very intense.

You know! First, what do you focus on? You focus on it’s over? If you focus on one knee, you give it a meaning that says I’m gonna die. What do you do just go through traditional therapeutic approach? Do you put yourself in the hands of someone else? Do you evaluate this? You get a second or third opinion.

Your destiny is determined by your decisions. Now, if you’re a guy like Lance Armstrong, you focus immediately on. I got ta find a solution. The minute you come up with this. This is the ultimate battle.

Will you decide to do? Is you’re gonna exhaust every possibility now that doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna succeed, but it’s interesting when you have that kind of a mindset that shifts you Lance Armstrong when he Was told things like look, you got a-you got tumors here and brain.

He got him in your lungs right. You got obviously and testicles if you ride a bike for a living, that’s pretty tough, but he made it to all those pieces. Now am I saying cuz he made the right choices can’t tell you that there’s.

Certainly some Grace and everything I think in life there’s. Three things there’s; our ability to choose what we’re, focused on or to commit to get a result to put all our intention and focus into something there’s.

Our ability to do the right things now the right strategy to execute, and then there’s. Some grace there’s. What some people call luck? Some people call grace there’s. If you do the right things over and over again and with total focus, sometimes you know you get a good fortune.

That comes your way and you tend to have more good fortune when you’re totally focused and decisive, and you take lots of action than if you kind of just sit around and accept things like that. You don’t, have a future

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