The List made of pure Gold!

Have you ever heard marketers talking about “the list”? What the heck is the list you might wonder, I why do they sound like it´s something made of pure gold?

Well, let me tell, they talk about because it IS PURE GOLD to every marketer online. And this can also be the same value for the ordinary business, let´s say you own your own flower shop.

So first of all, what is a list? Imagine Suzan, she is the owner of a flower shop and has some regular customers buying from her in her little shop, in the corner of the main street. But Suzan is also trying to increase her revenue to sell some things online. So she has got help and started an e-shop online. This internet-based part of the business is not very profitable simply because there are not enough customers finding Suzan’s store online. So Suzan realizes she needs to advertise. A good friend of her helps her to set up some ads on Adwords and Facebook.

Because Suzan has Google Analyzer she almost instant can see how the traffic to her web-shop increases while the ads are running. Some of the visitors even place an order and buy from her and she is so happy with the increased revenue and the new customers.

In the beginning of next month, Suzan and her accounter sit down and look at her business results. Her accounter praises Suzan for the increased revenue, but also point at the fact that the actual profit of her business gone down. The accounter explains that is because of the increased advertising costs. So every new customer actually cost more than they returned. So what can Suzan do now?

Suppose if Suzan had the golden knowledge about the list building?! What has she done differently? First of all, Suzan would have made a landing page, also known as a squeeze page. A landing page is the first page you land on after clicking her ad. Let’s say that she advertised a message like: “How to create the ultimate Christmas wreath.” People will click on the ad to find out more and land on Suzan’s squeeze page. Here they see some pictures or even a short movie of examples of Suzan´s products from the store. To find out more exactly how to make this wonderful Christmas wreath the only thing you as a customer has to do is to type in your name and email address, and you will instantly access an instruction video on your mail, or get a free pdf or whatever you want to provide.

Then what happens is that instantly when you typed in your email address you will land on a thank you page, or even directly in Suzan’s e-shop. You are ready to buy everything you need to make that Christmas arrangement for your home!

So what is the difference in this procedure, compared to the ad that instantly sends you to the e-shop?

First of all, you have a chance to give some good extra value to your customer, and that will give you a lot of benefits compared to your competitors in the market space.

Secondly, you have the same advertising cost to get this visitor, or leads as marketers call them. But now you have their names and email addresses, so you can contact them later on and offer them more, and this time it will cost you nothing!

You also have the knowledge of what this particular customer really like, because you know what ad they responded on. Chances are that they are also interested in other house decorations that you can provide from your store.

Please, take a note that an average customer needs to see your offer at least 7 times before they make a buyers decision. Just imagine how much money that would cost for Suzan in putting ads online! But because she now has her list, she only pays for the first time, and the rest is for free. Now she can start to build a long-term relationship with her customers and visitors and provide them with tons of value. This will make her revenue increase, for sure!

So how can you manage to send all these emails to the leads you collect? Well, that´s is called an autoresponder and I will talk more about that in my next blog post.

Do you also want to know more about how to market successful and resourceful online? If you click on this link you will land on my squeeze page and I will send you a ton of value, just like Suzan now does!

Good luck with your business friends, don´t hesitate to reach out to me if you need help. You find me on

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2 thoughts on “The List made of pure Gold!”

  1. Thank you Erica for this concise and succinct description of ‘The List’. It is always important, when marketing digitally, to make the real world comparison as you have done here with Susan’s shop. I believe that it is not just the size of the list but the relationship you build with your list members. Try to add value to members without selling so that you build trust. People like to make a purchase from someone they know.
    Just a tip to finish, take a great deal of care with the emails that go out to your list and always personalise them. A generic email will be deleted many times faster than a personally addressed one.
    Thanks again Erica,

    1. Thank you Roger for your excellent feedback. I can clearly see that you are right in your description, now when I have been a student in SFM for a while. This article was one of my very first I wrote after joined the education in Digital Marketing. Today I have much better knowledge about the very important relationship with my customers.
      I really appreciate your tip. Thank you for being so supportive and helpful. Have a wonderful day!


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