The Future Will Always Remain In The Future

Can I ask you an honest question?
Are you waiting for something special to happen and then will you be happy?

If so, let me tell you, so did I also use to think, until I found out how crazy it was.

I have 3 children, 21 year, 17 year and 9 years old. When my two olders children were small, I worked like a maniac to create a better future for us.
I cannot even tell you how many late nights and weekend I spent on work, always thinking that I did it to be a good mum and provide for my family.

In my head I told my self that I did this so that things would become better in the future.
What is completely missing out on, was that I would never get there, no matter how much effort I put in.

The reason for that is that the future will always be in the future!

Can you recognize your self in this story?

Here’s what happened!
I crashed and burned‼️
I worked until my body completely shut down and I became burnt out and depressed. I couldn’t get up from bed in months.

When I started to recover, I realized that my two first born children was grown up, there childhood was gone and I have missed much of it because I was busy working for a better future and THEN we would have a great time together.

Don’t wait for the future, it will always remain in the future!

But I still had my youngest son to raise and I took the most important decision ever, I will NEVER AGAIN go back to that crazy endless rat-race!

So I investigated my options and found this education on how to start your own business online and become a digital marketer expert.
That was 3 years ago and I have never regretted this investment a second of my day.

My life has completely changed since then. I did invest time and some money to eduacate my self and now I am truly free.

I can afford to decide when and where I work and when my little boy comes home from school, I open the door and give him a big hug.

How I wished that I had understood this earlier when my girls grew up…

So, if you’re waiting for something to occur before you take aciton and make the changes you need to become free to choose your own lifestyle…please stop 🛑 that thought right now!

You will not get there until you decide to stop waiting for something magical to happen.

The magic is when you understand that you create your own every day life, and the future will always remain in the future!

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