Learn How To Sell On Amazon

Today I want to talk about how you can learn how to sell physical products online, for example on Amazon!

Almost every day we can read in the newspaper how much the e-commerce is increasing, taking market shares from the stores. The store death is now a fact!

There is no sign at all that this trend will slow down. So why not take advantage of this new 🏅”GOLD RUSH”?!🏅

When I talk to people that want to get into this business but don`t know how I most often hear the misunderstanding that you need to build your own e-shop and then market it. 
Sure, you CAN do that…but there is easier and much faster and CHEAPER options!

Let`s talk about Amazon!
Did you know that you don`t need to have any storage at home, selling products online? 

If you want to sell on Amazon, the first thing you need to do is to choose what country you want to sign up for. For example, you have Amazon in UK, USA, Australia and Germany. 

Remember, you don`t have to live in any of these countries to be able to sell your product to these markets. 

Next step is to decide if you want to do all the work your self, by that I mean, having the items at home, take care of the orders, packing and post your orders and take care of the customer service. 

If not, there is an excellent service at Amazon, called FBA. 

Now, your work is to find a good product to sell, make sure your supplier ship it into Amazons warehouse and list your product on Amazon. 
You need to do the best listing and launching so your product will rank well in the Amazon store, and then keep an eye on the stock to make sure you order new shipping on time so you never run out of stock. 

Amazon will handle your orders, do the packing and shipping and take care of the customer service. Every month they will pay you for sold items minus the fee for FBA. 

It can not be easier!!!!

But, there is always a but 🙂
You will need to know how to find the best products, how to find a trustworthy supplier, how to brand your products, how to ship to Amazon, how to make a launching campaign and listing that stick out and rank you on top of the pages on Amazon…..

Import Xperts is exactly what it sound like, experts at importing and selling physical products online. 

Import Xperts is one of the programs of Sfm/DEA (digital experts academy). Every leader at IX is a PRO at this! They are all very experienced and skilled and work every day with coaching and helping our members to get results that never was possible without this hands-on help. I can promise you that you will get the best support you have experienced!

IX is a program where they will take you to step by step, from trying with a very easy and cheap product with small risks, and then carefully build up your product portfolio. They will give you personal coaching, live webinars, challenges and even the possibility to follow them to China (not needed to get started but very fun when you want to explore even more opportunities). IX even have their own contact in China that will help you find the very best supplier and of course give you a better price than if you search online for your self. 


Ready To Get Started? 

Click this link  (you also have a button under the video) and fill in your application. It`s 100 % risk-free because you have 30 days to try our product. 
Schedule a call with your personal system consultant and he/she will help you further and make sure you are a good match for this business opportunity!


Until next time

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