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Is Making Money Online Real?

As an online business ideas coach, I often get the question, whether it’s possible to make money online for real, or if it’s just fake or scams out there.

I understand that some people still feel some fear around this topic, but let me make this clear for you, once and for all:

YES, people are making real money on the internet, for sure!

10 years ago, this was still a common question. If someone said that they wanted to start an online business, most people would compare the likelyhood to succeed with the chance to become a successful actor in Hollywood.

But that was then, today it’s no longer a question if you can have the internet as your workingspace.

How to find a legit business idea?

What’s more interesting to answer today is how to find a legit business idea.

You don’t have to do do too many searches on Google or YouTube before you will see offers of “exceptional opportunities” everywhere. Being on the internet and helped thousands of students to become successful online, I sometimes just have to shake my head about all these un-realistic offers I see.

“Earn 6-figure income without having a website”

“It was basically like earning free money”

What ever you do, please don’t think this is the real deal!

If this was legit or even real, don’t you think everyone on the planet would do it then?!

Here’s the truth, working online is exactly what it sounds like, you need to WORK online even if you have some benefits that you can’t get on the traditional jobs. You will also need to understand that it will take some skills to become a profitable online business owner.

What skills you MUST have to be an successful online business owner

Of course the skills that you need to learn depends on what kind of business model you choose to establish in, but there are some common skills that everyone will need to master.

  1. How to sell products or services, not TIME.
  2. How to use online marketing systems to AUTOMATE you business.
  3. How to position your self into a treding upward industry to make sure you will have enough CUSTOMERS.
  4. How to target and market to your audience so that you actually MAKE MONEY.

There are just some basics you need to learn to become profitable online, but they are so cruicial so that I just had to mention them in this post. Because I meet way to many people that truly want to change their career’s but they don’t understand that they need to edcuate them self first to secure their financial success online.

Would you like to understand this in 90 minutes?

Great, I love to help people that truly are serious about learning how to start a business in a legit and substantial way. Therefore I created this workbook so that you can get started immediately.

Here’s how to use your free workbook:

  • Register for the free webinar where you will learn about all the cruicial points I listed here above. It’s a 90 minute training with my personal mentor and teacher Stuart Ross. He will teach you the 3 lessons that made him his first millions online.
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  • Download your freebie, an exclusive workbook designed for this specific webinar. It will help you create a personal successplan so that you know exactly what to do next after you watched the webinar. It’s all about taking action you know 😜.
Ways To Make 10K Workbook

This is the exact system I used to create my 6-figure business in US-dollars.

Who is this training for?

This training is NOT for everyone!

You will need to understand that it will take some time from you to learn how to become an online entrepreneur properly. At least 1 hour per day, but the more time you put in to study, the sooner you will make your first money from your business.

You also understand that it will take some financial investment to get started. Replacing your traditional job income with free methods are quite unrealistic to be honest. Sure, you can always google things, but how can you know whom to trust and in what order to do things. On the other hand, using your step-by-step training, you will learn free marketing techniques from real PRO’s, but you will still need a small investment in your own training to get there.

Here’s our typical customers:

  • Want More Income, Create an extra income that makes you financial safe.
  • Want To Work Less Hours, Manage your own time and replace your income or even make much more money in less working hours.
  • Want To Transform A Passion Into An Income Stream, Learn how you can monetize your special hobbies or interests into a successful business.

But let’s give some trainings away for free:

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I hope this blog post was of value for you so that you now know what step you need to take next if you are serious about starting up an online business and wondered about if making money online is real.

I would love to help you forward, just share your thoughts in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Now, time to take action and register for the webinar and download your free workbook. Take care my friend.

Erika Lindström

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