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How would you spend your day with a laptop lifestyle?

Let’s dream a bit…

How would you spend your day if you had a passive income stream?

Or as we say, “the laptop lifestyle” 🤣👩‍💻👨🏻‍💻.

 Maybe you would travel around the world and work under a palmtree 🏝somewhere?Or just work a few hours while your kids are at school and then use the rest of the day to do something funny with your family? 

Spend a few minutes and dream away, what is important for you? Who do you want to spend more time with? Were do you want to live? What will you do on your vacation? How long holiday do you want to have? What will you eat and drink? What would you spend money on that you can’t do right now?  

Ahhh, that was a nice thought, right? 😜😎 

What if I told you it’s possible not too far away in time? 

When i got started with Sfm around 2,5 years ago, I had an assignment to write down my ideal day, 90 days from now, 1 year from now and 10 years from now.  

I felt ridiciolus to tell everyone about my dreams, because I did not believe it was possible.  

Here is what happened… I did not even go 90 days until I had achieved my first goals on my ideal day plan. Since then I have reached goal after goal and now I am at my “finish line” which was to be finacially free in terms of not needing to be employed anylonger.  I am a real “Solopreneur” now and I have total control over my time.  

2,5 year!!!! That’s nothing! 

How long have you spent working so far, hoping that things will be different in the future? My big shift came the day I realized that I need to take control over my life and stop hoping for a change, when I did not make a real change my self.  

Anyway…My laptop lifestyle is happening right now, and I actually are writing this letter to you from my sailing boat. ⛵️  I will be out on this trip for 2 months and hopefully visit a few countries around the Baltic sea. But next stop will be south of Stockholm, and then head over to Fårö, Gotland tomorrow.  

Will I see you in our community when I dock the next harbour? I truly hope so, because we are eager to welcoming you into our community and help you get YOUR version of a laptop lifestyle.  

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Erika Lindström

Your Online Business Ideas Coach

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5 thoughts on “How would you spend your day with a laptop lifestyle?”

  1. Hallo, always great to see other people through the hole world in my searching, I really appreciate the time it should have taken to put together this awesome article. Cheers Janene Sander Judd

  2. I love it Erika. I am also a bog fan of sailing, and my goal for next year is to live on my boat for 2 months. /Jonas

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