How To Clean Your Mac And Make Sure Your Files Are Safe

Are you running out of space in your Mac and get warnings that you are “running out of disk space”, all the time?

Or you might have noticed that your computer is slower than ever and you see the spinning wheel more often….well, you are for sure getting closer to a hard drive melt-down! 

But don’t worry, this is how you fix it the easiest way!

First of all, you need to invest in an extern hard drive and make sure you do a security copy of your computer. Make sure you buy a formatted hard drive for Mac. You can use the Time Machine (a program within your Mac). Just search on YouTube how to install your hard drive and get started with Time Machine, it’s very easy!

But you will also need to clean up your Mac from all the clutter. So after some investigation, I came across this awesome video on how to clean your Mac. Not only is the video really really good, but it’s also a perfect example of a good content video, where he is so natural and personal. This is a school book example of how to make a valuable content video for our own audiences.

BTW, I already had the downloaded the “Clean my Mac” and it´s very efficient and easy to use.

So….why not spend your weekend to clean your Mac?

Remember, you can’t live a laptop lifestyle without a laptop  😉


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