how important is studio lights

How Studio Lights Will Improve Your Video

Hi guys just want to make a very quick video for you, showing you my latest investment for myself and for my business. I hope this will be really really beneficial for me for my webinars, and also when i do my youtube videos.

So what is it? It’s, two studio lights, and i have them in front and on the side of me and on each side of my face. So i just wanted to show you what it looks like without these studio lights. So i turn one of them off looks like this, and the other one looks like this and, as you can see, there’s still quite a lot of light on my forehead and that’s, because i’m sitting straight in front of a window, so i basically have my desk against the window to get this much daylight as possible and also i have a view over the sea so uh that’s.

Why? I’m sitting like this, but it’s, a lot of shadows around my face, as you can see, turn one of them on again. It takes a couple of seconds for them to to show their brightest light, and i turn the other one on.

As you can see it’s quite important that you have two of them to even even the light on your face. So give me comments. What do you think about this? Did you like them?

Wish you a great video shooting day 😜🎥

//Erika Lindstrom

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