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How much can you earn on the monthly subscriptions?

Free Tool To Calculate Your Future Income

Hope you’re feeling fantastic, I’m certainly do.

Right now I’m writing this email to you from my sailing boat. We are about to spend at least 5-7 weeks onboard this summer, sailing around the Swedish archipelago.

Many people ask me how I can be away from home such long time and I do my best to explain that my online business allows me to work from wherever I want, and when I want.

The internet gives me opportunities that an ordinary job cannot do, for example automations.

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend this free training webinar:

Let’s talk about the power of subscription income!

If you decided to build a business as an affiliate for Sfm, you know that you not only earn $100 per every new member, you also earn $20 every month your member decided to continue within our communtiy and payed their monthly fee.

After 3,5 year as an Sfm affilite, I have discovered that these subscriptions income is much more important to my profits than I first thought.

In fact, they serve as a backbone to my whole business!

As we have learnt the last 1,5 year, things can change very quickly in our environment. Who could have guess that the world would basically shut down because of a pandemic?

Many, many businesses suffered/still suffering during this challenging times, but not everyone.

Sales went down dramatically for most companies, but do you think Netflix lost or gained from this crisis, when people were forced to be inside their homes for 1,5 years?

Netflix income model is subscriptions!

For me, personally my Sfm business struggled a little bit too. At the same time the pandemic hit the world, Sfm decided to force the program changes that was planned to be lauched later and in a slower pace. All to help the members to survive the crisis. Stu and Jay and the team, worked their ass off to be honest, all in favor to serve us who have put our trust in them to build an online business and change our lives.

Suddenly we had a situation where we had the “old” programs such as Elite and Marketing Mastery, at the same time we launched Mentors platform, Launch You, the new programs such as Accelerate with you and so on.

The new members were confused, we affiliates in the leadership was confused…and it hit sales for a few months…

But this one thing “saved” me: my income from subscriptions!

Thank god I had so many members already when this crisis came, so I still had a steady income stream every month.

Stuart has taught us a long time ago about this, but I did not understand how powerful it was until now.

Would you like to have a free tool that help you calculate on your future subscription income?

The other day I found this free tool on the internet, the company seems to market members sites.

Just so you know, members of Sfm don’t need to buy their products because you ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO SERVICES LIKE THIS IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP. It’s called Lifter LMS and you will find educations about it on the Mentors platform.

Anyway, if you click on this link, you can calculate on how much income you will get every month when getting new members. I calculate with 10 % cancelling (we have 30 days of money back guarantee so some members will have a clawback).

This was my example:

New Members Gained (Every Month): 20

Members That Cancel/Churn (Every Month): 5

Price Paid Per Month :$20

Monthly recurring revenue you’d generate each month after the amount of time listed below…

Month 1 $400.00

Month 2 $700.00

Month 3 $1,000.00

Month 6 $1,900.00

Month 9 $2,800.00

1 Year $3,700.00

Total $24,600.00

Total $92,400.00

2 Years $7,300.00

3 Years$10,900.00

Total $203,400.00

Pretty impressing huh?!

What if…

You decided to start your own membership/courses site (you have access to the tool for free with the Lifter LMS) and got 100 % of the price your self, instead of getting just a piece of the cake?

Le’t say you have a membership site that you earnt $99 USD on every member, every month…

Use this tool to calculate what that would mean to your business…and life!

I hope this letter will inpire you to never ever give and and celebrate every new member you’ll get. They can make a huge difference in the long run for your income.

Live A Life That Matters


PS! Just so you know…the last couple of weeks the sales is amazing again. The new members just LOVE the programs and very soon Stu will launch a new webinar and some other exciting news. So whatever you do, don’t hold back, you deserve to build your dream business too ♥️♥️♥️


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