Holy F**K, I finally understand what Stuart taught me a year ago!

Hey, do you remember the Momentum day with the Sfm, in London 2019? One of my favourite parts of these incredibly valuable events is when Stuart lecture on stage, teaching us the right mindset and tactics of being a world-class marketer. This is what I’ve learned about Neuro Associations and substainable changes in life. 


At this event, he taught us about how to make sustainable changes and why most people fail when they try to. To explain what he meant he used the example of the TV-show Biggest Loser. 

In this program, very overweight people come to a mansion or castle and then it`s a competition of whom can lose the most weight every week in % of their body weight. The first thing that happens is that they will get measured and weigh in public of course because this is a TV-show. Then a doctor will exam them and give them the horrific truth about their health. They also paint a future outcome if they don`t change their lifestyle and lose weight. 


So, now the attendees feel PAIN about their lifestyle and their bodies. Here`s what I`ve learned today from studying Tony Robbins teaches. This is classical Neuro Accosiacions! Everything we do in life, even the smallest decision is either to gain pleasure or avoid pain. EVERYTHING! 


Okay, the next step is to give the attendees pleasure if they lose weight, again NEURO ASSOCIATIONS! If they lose enough weight, they can stay on the show another week, get help from the dietists and personal trainers, use all the fancy equipment and spend time away from all the distractions in the everyday life. But not only that, but they will also compete for a very large sum of money if they win! 


So is this enough to keep them all motivated and struggle in the gym 7 hours a day with a minimum of calories to eat? No, it`s not and therefore the show increases the pain of failing even more by having a public weigh session every week. They force to take off the t-shirt and show their body on TV. Then standing on a big scale that takes forever to show the results, beeping and beeping. The room is full of tension and everyone is staring on the screen to see the results of the week`s effort. From the TV-sofa we all FEEL the PAIN of standing there not knowing if they lost any weight or even the opposite sometimes. 


If they lost enough weight they will be safe for another week and can still win the big money in the final! NEURO ASSOCIATION to the pleasure when you lost weight and are safe and PAIN of failure!

Can you see it! Why this program works and they get those incredible results in that short amount of time?!

So, back to the Momentum day and Stuart Ross..after explaining how this works and talking about what we need is a tipping scale of getting pain if we fail when we are trying to change something in our life or reaching a new goal, he gave us a 90-day challenge. 

The challenge was setting 3 goals in 3 areas of our life that we want to improve: 

1. Health challenge

2. Personal challenge

3. Business challenge

If we succeeded we competed in some very fantastic prices. It was very desirable to win!

But if we failed, we needed to promise that we would give 5.000 USD to a charity. If that was not fearful enough, we needed to raise the sum even more. 

I did my challenge and because it was for 90-days I really was able to create a new habit and routines. I did not win the competition and got a price, but I gained so much more. I was a winner anyway because I had improved 3 areas of my life to something much better. 

But not until today I finally understand how powerful this challenge was set up. What Stuart did was creating Neuro Associations in our brains to helping us succeed and find it more pleasurable to do what we had set up for our self and reaching our goals than the pain of not doing it every day and fail. 

Thank you, Stuart Ross, for this excellent brilliant challenge. Not only did it help me improve my health and how I feel about my self when I look in the mirror, but it also was a key to why I almost 12-times doubled my revenue in my online business.  


With love from 

Erika Lindstrom


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1 thought on “Holy F**K, I finally understand what Stuart taught me a year ago!”

  1. Justin Leitch

    Wow, that was a really compelling read, and when you think about it in more detail it’s so true! If I think back to when I have achieved big goals in my life it has always been based around the pleasure of success having so much more importance than the pain of failing.

    These teachings certainly seemed to have a positive outcome for you!

    What would you say was the most consistent action you took on a daily basis to make sure these new habits stuck? And did you have any setbacks?

    I would love to hear back as I’m quite keen to implement these strategies in some of my own behavioral goals for 2022.

    Thanks for posting, really enjoyed that


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