Find Out What’s Missing In Your Life Course

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Ever felt that something is missing in your life, but you can’t seem to point out what it is?

This mini-course will help you find out what you really need to become truly happy and how to put it into practice starting today!

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Erika Lindstrom Erika Lindstrom Author

My name is Erika Lindstrom and I live at the northern east coast in Sweden, together with my husband and 3 children. I was brought up in a family where my father had his own business, worked very hard and was almost always away from home. That made me believe that I had to act the same to be successful. So I finished school and since then I have always worked very hard to give back the best result to my employeers. I did not understand that my own value did not count in the results I achieved, and I always struggled to feel that I was good enough. After 30 years in retail and service, working as store manager for many well know chains in Sweden, I finally hit the wall and I crashed. Somehow I had the belief that I was superwoman and could not become burnt out, but how wrong I was. After months in bed being depressed and extremely tired I finally found something that brought me a feeling of joy and excitement again and I started a brand new journey in life. I found Sfm and Launchyou. In this amazing community I finally found tools on how to build a business for my self so that I could replace my previous income as a manager, but completely built out of passion of mine. They provided me with coaches that helped me to get to know my self in depth for the first time and understand that I had uniqe values and that I did not have to struggle so much and trade my time for money any longer. My mission became to help others to expand into their greatest possibilities so that they can get the results they want and need. I have this beautiful vision of world of people expanding together and achieving results so that they can choose to “Live A Life That Matters”! After 2 years of private coaching with a Tony Robbins coach, 4 big leadership educations, manager for 6 different stores, teching at high-school for 3 years and founder/owner of 5 different businesses I was ready to reach out and help others, like YOU. I have both failed in business doing bank ruptcy where I lost everything, and turned that experiences into learnings and into the successful 6-figure business I run today. I passionate helping you find out your own uniqe values and figure out how you can take those skills and create a business built out of something that will feel really meaningful for you. Simply because YOU DESERVE TO LIVE A LIFE THAT MATTERS! Find out what you can do to make money out of your passions too. Just click here and sign up to my uniqe “Live A Life That Matters”-course for FREE. Live A Life That Matters! Erika

Find Out What’s Missing In Your Life Course

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“Find Out What’s Missing In Your Life”. 

After you’ve gone through this course you will have a clear action plan on your next step to build substantial happiness and meaning in your life. 


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