Can you start an online business around your job?


This is one of the most common questions asked, so I want you to meet my mentor and co-founder Stuart Ross.
He gets this question over and over again, and therefore he created this short video, where he discusses the topic.
So, if you feel that you want to have a change in your life, maybe you need more free time to do the thing in life that you really lounge to do, or maybe you want an extra income so you actually can afford to do the thing in your life that you love.
And some of us, just like me, feel that we don´t want to spend another year in our job, and just quit, to start a business doing what we LIKE to do, and WHEN we want to do it.
If you are serious about making a change and I can help you in any way with your journey for creating your life on your terms, please don´t hesitate to contact me on mail or on the Facebook-page.
But I tell you, the first step is to take action! TODAY! You will never get close to your goal unless you start moving forward.
I suggest you start with:
Remember, you will NEVER be alone, we got your back!
PS! I only work with people that really want to change their life for real. So if you´re looking for a quick fix, this is nothing for you.


Erika Lindstrom

How to chill and make it look like you are working!

In my previous blog post, I promised to continue to explain what an autoresponder is, and how this can be useful for your business (or future business).

Last time, we talked about the magic list, made of pure gold, you can read that blog-post here, and now it´s time to explain how it´s possible for you to automate your business, so you can actually “take a chill-pill” and just relax, while the system works for you automatically.

Why do you need an autoresponder?

Let´s assume that you now have your list of subscribers and now it´s time to build up that relationship you need to with your customer before they feel secure enough to buy from you. Don´t forget that it´s proven that every new customer online, will need at least 7 contacts with you before they will buy from you.

So now it´s time to introduce your self a little bit more and show your subscribers why your knowledge is important to them. So you set up a series of at least 7 different emails. But here´s the problem! How can you remember when every potential customer subscribed to your list, and how can you remember which mail out of the 7 you´ve created, to send out? Imagine how much time that will take you just to organize. It´s a nightmare!!!

But here is the solution. There is a software for this, and it´s very cheap as well. They are called an autoresponder!

This software will do all the work for you, while you just lean back and relax and the program will work as your assistant and organize everything for you.

Here is how you do! First of all, you choose a good provider for your autoresponder. If you want to read more about this, I can recommend my experienced colleague Marius blog post where he compares the different options.  But I can tell you right now, in my opinion, Aweber is the very best in the market right now, and have been for many years.

How to use it?

When you decided which autoresponder you will use, you create your list at for example Aweber. It´s very easy and there are video tutorials to every little step. They also have an excellent support that will help you anytime. Then you just import and schedule your e-mail series that you prepared (it´s actually called a sale funnel) in the software, and the program will do the rest for you.

You can also keep your contact with your prospects after the 7  ( or as many as you want to) e-mails are sent. This is called a broadcast. But that we will talk about in my next blog post.

So what will you do now to get started?

  1. Create your Aweber account, it´s free for the first month!
  2. If you want to start your own automated business online,  I suggest you join the same academy and community I use and start your journey to living an automated laptop lifestyle TODAY! Only 29.95 $ the first month! And with a money back guarantee! You have nothing to lose, but everything to win.

Hope to see you as my new colleague in the academy.

Erika Lindström