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Are You Stuck?

Right now I’m preparing training for our Elite members where I will talk about why people get stuck and how to handle it and get things moving forward again.  It hit me that this might be of interest to you too, so therefore I decided to share one important piece from the upcoming webinar with you here. 

Growth – if you stop growing you will die!

We all need to grow…

There are some very important needs we have in life, and one of those is that we must grow as a person. How we grow can differ from person to person, but you need to feel that you develop your skills in some area to be happy.  That’s one of the reasons why people are not happy anymore in their jobs. So many employees feel stagnation at work and lounge for more responsibility or new tasks.  But there’s one problem when you actually stand in front of the change you want and need so much….you will start feeling fear!

Fear – why do I feel it?

So, here you stand in front of your new fantastic opportunity that you have longed for, and what happens….yes, you suddenly fills with fear! Why is that? It’s a biological process from your brain! Your brain is programmed to defend you in EVERY SITUATION THAT FEELS NEW, no matter if it’s a good change or not.  This is something that has kept us alive through evolution, but it also hinders us to make progress in life.  So, we now know that every time you want to grow in some area and try a new thing, your brain will immediately send signals of fear and you will start thinking thoughts that feel very reasonable to you, why this might be a bad idea.  This is the reason why you are stuck! 

What can I do?

First of all, you need to understand that you can NEVER GET RID OF YOUR FEAR! Just accept that you will face fear every time you want to grow in any area of your life. Sometimes you feel more fear, sometimes less….but if it’s a change, a new situation, it will be present! When you are able to take notice of your fear and understand that the fear is not always an absolute truth of you standing in front of a dangerous situation, you can take control over your self and your emotions.  

It’s time to take action! The only way to get past the emotion of fear is to act anyway! The easiest way to do it is to commit to taking small micro-steps. What small step can you take today towards your goal? And what will you do tomorrow? 

At last, I want to tell you my “big secret” (well, it’s not that big of a secret anymore ;), how I was able to build a profitable online business within only 1,5 years.  

The only difference between you and me is TIME and MICRO-STEPS!!!!! 

Never underestimate a small step!

I hope this gave you some valuable insights into what you can do to release your self from stagnation and move forward to your goals.  

I would love to get your comments about this article.  

With love from 


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What Is Fear, And How To Get Rid Of It

Can you remember the last time you felt fear?
Go back for a couple of seconds to that moment and try to put your self back into that situation again. Be aware of how your body feels when you are in this fear state.

Not so comfortable I guess?!

Well, that is actually a good thing, because you were born with a guidance system in your body to protect you from danger so you won’t hurt your self. It’s perfectly normal to feel fear if you are on hights or standing in the middle of the road in rush hour.

The problem is though, that we have inherited all the fears from our ancestors as well. That’s because evolution is making us smarter and smarter so we can survive and expand as humans. But, the thing is that most of us don’t have to be careful when walking in the forests anymore, because there are not so many tigers left that might attack us. But still, so many of us think it’s scary to spend time in a dark forest alone.

Also, our beloved parents did plant a lot of fears in us from the day we were born. This creates endless amounts of limiting self-believes that will hold us hostage for the rest of our life if we don’t pay attention to it and start freeing our self deliberate.

Of course, our parents didn’t want to put us in mental chains of what is possible for us or not. They probably did their very best to from what they knew, secure us from being hurt. But isn’t it beautiful to listen to a child when he or she describes their dreams of the future? Today my 7-year old son, for example, claimed that he is going to own his own ice hockey arena when he becomes an adult.

How close I was to react and respond as a typical mother at that moment, by giving him an indulgence smile and answer something sensibly, like a typical adult that understands that it will most likely not happen. 
But in the very last second (I hope) I gathered my facial features and nodded and looked interested. I manage to respond to him that it would be awesome when he had his own area and I look forward to getting a VIP-seat. I wish you could see the smile on his face when I didn’t say it would be very difficult. You see, his only 7 years old, but he knows already that this is probably just a fantasy. He knows that because of the limitations I and all the other adults around him already have planted in him.

But really, who am I to say that he will not own an arena in the future? I mean, there are people in this world that actually do that right now. So it’s already proven that it’s possible, right?

So, let’s go back to talk about what fear really is

What is fear?

When you walk through life and meet experiences that cause you to desire something, you suddenly feel a lack of that. 
For example, if you see the perfect house for you, on sale and you just would do anything to purchase it on the spot, but you realize that the house is way over your budget, you suddenly feel this lack of money. 
So you might go home and check all your accounts and possibilities to take a loan, just to realize that you will have to sell everything you own to be able to purchase that house. Now you are full of fear!

So, what’s happened is that you launched a desire and your inner being starts to create a solution towards that immediately. In the Law of Attraction, this is called launching a rocket of desire into your vortex. So your inner being has moved to work on the manifestation of this house, but your limiting self-belief holds you back and points at all the things that could go wrong if you buy that house. So now you have a grid between what you think is reality and where your inner being is. And that grid feels like fear in this case!

And fear feels awful, doesn’t it?

So, because you can’t stop your inner being, you have to catch up with it, because your inner being will never go back to where you stand in the so-called reality. I’m sure you are familiar with the expression “face the fear”. 
And sometimes you have to do that, but it doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable.

If you just start to be aware of the feeling of fear without judging it, but just accept that it’s present and then remember what it stands for. It’s just a sign that your inner-being is way ahead of you and you need to catch up. So the best way to do that is to take control over your limiting self-believes and stop them from ruling your life.

But how can you take control over something that was implanted in us since the beginning of times? 
The answer is MEDITATION!

Get rid of fear and be succesful as an online entrepreneur

Meditation is a way to push the reset button and clear out all the resistance we have collected in our lifetime and the generations before us. Today the scientists can actually see how our brainwaves slow down when we are meditating and other parts of our brain get activated. So again, who are we to say it’s impossible to create our own reality, simply by using techniques like meditation and visualisation? Who knew that we all would use a mobile phone to manage almost everything in our life, just 20 years ago?

If you want to learn how to meditate, I have recorded a video where I explain how I put my self into that relaxed state of mind, where I’m able to slow my thoughts down. Just click this link:https://youtu.be/MOn82PGiEck

Now, what do you dream about that you are afraid of realising?
I can share with you that I was full of fear when I realised that I just couldn’t stand going back to my job after being burnt out, and I quit my well-paid job as a manager. Instead, I joined an education that taught me how to make money from the internet.

Yeah, I promise you that my friends and family were sceptical about that and I was too, to be honest. But I “faced my fear” and started to meditate every day and visualised my self as a successful online marketer.

Today I run this profitable online business and it only took me one year to get there. That means that I no longer need to work full time, so I got a new job as a teacher (which I love to do) and I only work 14 hours a week. The rest of my income comes from my automated online business. Isn’t that amazing?!

Now when I tell people around me about this they all want me to teach them how I did it, LOL. So, if you also are curious about how I got started, check out this link and sign up to get free training from my mentor Stuart.

Now when you know about what fear is, how long will you keep your self in your own inner chains? Can I suggest that you break those chains today and start living the life you where suppose to live, in full freedom and fulfilment?

With love from

Erika Lindstrom

Visualise the NEW YOU!

Who would you be if you had the ability to choose? 

Let me ask you, do you feel (just like I did only a year ago) stuck in your situation? Maybe you hate your job? Maybe you feel stressed and/or depressed?  Maybe you think you can’t make a change? 

Nothing could be more wrong!

But YOU have to take responsibility for your life, now! To be honest, I can feel pity for you, but the truth is, no one can help you, but YOU…. 

Every change is scary. The unknown future can really freak us out. But you don’t have to do it alone. And the really GOOD NEWS is that you don’t have to quit everything and throw your self into the unknown without a safety net. 

You can learn how to change your life, while you still keep your ordinary job. What if this education really show you how to find your unique way of making money? What if this education really can change your life? It certainly did for me, and thousands of other students from all over the world. You can read more about the services here.

Or, you can just stay where you are, but please, understand that you will be feeling the exact same as you do now, when I ask you the same question next year.  Let me give you this gift…this is one of many meditations I use to keep my self in a good vibe. It will take you on a wonderful journey where you can visualise the new YOU. Just listen and relax, dare to dream about your future.  You deserve to shine!

With love from


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Are you a quitter?

Let me ask you, are you afraid of starting up new projects? Is it because you know that you probably won’t continue with it for long, but just get tired and probably quit long before you get the results you were going for?

I was the same! But that was before I met my personal coach and we talked about this issue with me. I told her that so often I’m full of new ideas, but more often now, I felt scared of starting up new projects or businesses, because I had learned about my self that I’m not patient enough and a quitter!

So we talked about this for a while and I told her about my bankruptcy from my previous business, that cost me all my savings to get out of. Of course, that hit me hard on my self-confident, but after spending some time at home, licking my wounds, the new startup ideas stated to appear again.

I educated my self as a digital marketer because I had this dream of being able to work from home (or where ever I want to) and not have to show up on an office every day. I prefer to work on my own schedule and to do all the decisions about my job, my self. (If you want to know how I did it, check out this link). I got certified and started to have some nice income from this, but still, I wasn’t crushing it!?

I was holding back..

It seems like I was holding back to save my self from failure again. For example, I have always dreamt of writing a book and I also used to say that out loud to my closest friends and family. Now I had this wonderful idea of what the book will be about, and I even sat down and made a map over the chapters. I knew this book would possibly help a lot of people struggling with stressful lives, but I was not able to sit down and write my first sentences.

Ahhh. I got so angry at my self…why was I stuck?!

So, my coach leads me to a different angle of this problem. She said that this is because you have created some negative self-believes about your self. You told me that you don’t have any patience and that you quit all your projects half done, right? 
Let’s talk about what you really are!

So she asked me a lot of brilliant questions (that is what a skilled coach do) and I tried to be as honest I could. Then she summarised what I had told her and she came up with this list:

  1. I work fast! I mean it, I work really, really fast!
  2. When I write I have flow! Words seem to come naturally to me.
  3. When I start up a new project, I have such a focus!
  4. I did show patience many times, for example when I educated my self as a digital marketer and several advanced certifications. I had also continued building my online business, step by step for almost 10 month (when we had this conversation).
  5. I most of the time, end’s up as an expert on my work area.

The solution for me was to change my focus, from being a quitter to someone that works fast, are focused on my job until I’m becoming an expert, and also has proven to be able to continue and build something solid, step by step.

It was time for me to change my self-believes!

So, to be able to write my book, I was assigned to:

  1. Be present, what can I do, here and now!
  2. Small steps forward, don’t look at the end result!

And then….I needed to promise her to write my first chapter until next session….and I did!

My book is not finished yet, but I work on my self and take small steps. Every week I write a new chapter and I have no idea when I’m done. But I don’t care, I feel pure joy every time I have accomplished a new chapter of my book.

I hope you can use this story and technique to change your negative self-believes that holds you back. I would be so glad if you commented on this article and told me what you are struggling with at this moment.

/Erika Lindstrom

Was your teacher right about it?

When was the last time someone asked you what you really want to do in life?

When did you ask your self and really gave it a thought, what you want to do with your life?

Do you remember what you dreamt of being or doing as a child? For so long I actually forgot what I wanted to become when I was a little girl. But recently I start to remember that I wanted to train dolphins to perform and do all the funny tricks in a show. Now, as an adult, I have another perspective on keeping dolphins inside a pool for us to watch them jump through some rings, but that is not the point.

I also dreamt of going to Montana and living the cowboy life. I wanted to ride out in the wilderness and sleep by the fire with the saddle as my pillow. Now as an adult, I would probably pack my own pillow in the saddlebags 😉

But then I started school and I was taught that my dreams were just dreams and now I was supposed to learn everything I needed to get a real job! A real job means that you will need to wake up early in the morning and go work for someone else, until the evening. I was also taught that I was supposed to be grateful for the fact that someone wanted me at all. Therefore you should never say no to any job offer and not make trouble by stand up for your rights.

So I did! I ended school and took whatever job offer I could get, no matter how bad the salary or the work environment was.

Of course, sometimes I asked my self if this was all in life. But then you look around and see that all the others seem to accept the fact and you don’t want to be ungrateful, so you just keep on.

I did all that for 25 years until my body finally abruptly stopped me! Not until I was forced to make some changes in my life, did I took control over my destiny. What if I had done this a long time ago!?

Today my life is totally different, I sleep until I wake up in the morning and then I start every day writing down what is the most important thing I need to do, to get me closer to my goal.

Can you imagine how different that is to be able to work with the most important things for me to achieve my goals, instead of starting your day at the office or store or whatever environment you work in, to do the same thing you do every day, to get bigger profit for the owner of the company you work for?!

Can you believe me when I say that I don’t feel like I’m working at all anymore? I get to help other´s that also feel stuck in life, to get closer to their goals, and I get paid to do that!!! That’s an AMAZING feeling!

So, back to my dreams…when was the last time someone asked me what I really want to do in life? Well, I get that question quite often from our leaders in SFM. Why, because they want me to ask my self the very same question and be clear on my ideal day, my ideal week and my ideal life. My mentors have taught me the importance of getting clear on my goals to be able to achieve my dreams.

And even if my dreams is not the same anymore, I finally have started to live my life as I want to. In a few days, I and my family will sail away for 8 weeks in our sailing boat. This is possible because I now have my laptop lifestyle, which means that I just bring my laptop.

When is it time for you to be clear about your dreams and take action? For how many years will you do what you do today? Do you even remember what you dreamt of being as a child?

Take action today and stop wasting your time. It will never come back to you.

Remember, having the laptop lifestyle does not have to be your dream, but living the laptop lifestyle can be the solution for you to give you the income you need and the TIME FREEDOM you certainly need if you want to fulfil your dreams.

Start your first learning module today. Be a game changer!

You know it’s right when it’s going smoothly!

Have you ever had that feeling that you are in a flow?

You know, when everything you touch seems to be right and every choice you make seems to be the right one, or you just feel that you have the most luck for a reason?!

I have, many times! But I also had so many times in my life when everything seems to go the opposite way. When you need to take a hard decision and you think very hard about the different outcome of your decision, and then it turns out to be the wrong one anyway.

Or you buy that thing you want so much and it seems like you did a great deal, just to find a sales letter in your mail that your product now is for sale someplace else.

Sometimes in life, it feels like your bad luck just banging you in your head! Like it’s no end of how many accidents that can happen at the same time. New unexpected costs seem to chase you everywhere….!

So how can you know when something is right?

I have learned that when the resistance is strong, everything is a struggle and bad things seem to appear all the time, around a new project, job or other decision, I am on the wrong path!

On the other hand, when I am on the right path, all I do is going so smoothly and just fall into place, like a perfect puzzle. Bit by bit the picture unfolds until it’s complete. A puzzle is not funny if all the bit’s are put together already from the beginning. It’s the creation of it and putting it together, that excites you, right?!

So, next time when you need to take that big decision in your life. Try to feel how everything is going. Is it a flow around this project? If everything seems to be without resistance, even though you might not see so far (the puzzle is in front of you, but you can not see the complete picture yet) just go for it.

If it feels like you have to push and pull and the timing seems to be bad, you are probably in the wrong direction. Just stop and relax about the whole thing. Meditate and release your inner vibrations, and you will see that all will come together, but not in the way you had planned in the beginning.

When you meditate and release resistance new ideas will pop up in your head. Sometimes it just hit you like a bolt of lightning, other times life will continue and suddenly someone or something will just come into your life that offers a solution. When this happens, don’t be afraid to take action on that inspiration. Now you know that you are on something big, this is the missing bit of the puzzle that you needed.

Soon enough you will be able to enjoy the view of your finished puzzle, a beautiful picture that will fit just perfect in your life!


Be a game changer!


Your goal means nothing if you do not have an eye on this!

You can not go for a single education, attend a single conference, read a single self-help book, have a single staff meeting, without hearing the word goals. Setting goals are the holy grail of efficiency.

As many times as they have been presented to the S.M.A.R.T goals as if they were just invented and will solve all of our problems, only we can remember what each boxer stood for.

What we talk about less, but that really makes a difference whether we create endurance to achieve all these goals, is why we do what we do!

There is no problem at the staff meeting to add and set goals that match each letter. Nor to appoint responsible for the project, interim goals, and deadlines. Fresh we start, maybe already the day after and everyone (now, almost everyone) is on and trying to implement the new brilliant plan. What we have not raised, however, is how we deal with the situation when we encounter our first resistance.

It is because every time we break new ground, we have to break our old patterns and get new habits or go outside our comfort zone. Staying out of your comfort zone is not comfortable, it’s one of the names! If it is not comfortable, we will work people so that we will as quickly as possible avoid the unpleasant and return to the old, well-known. Unknown is dangerous, our instincts say.

Before we know the word, the new goals have plunged and we are thinking less and less of them. Perhaps the boss tries to keep the flame alive for a while but notices that the employees are shy away from the eyes and the body language signals low involvement. This story repeats again and again, whether it is the company’s new goals or whether it is the new ideal weight that should be achieved.

What could have made a difference? Just, we need to know WHY we will go beyond our familiar environment. Is it enough to add a little why on the line below our S.M.A.R.T goal? No, unfortunately, it’s not easy either. Partly because we will not reach our true why when we write down our opinion, partly because every one of us has different perspectives and what matters to us is highly individual.

But how do you do that? From my mentor, I learned to learn a supernova! I have to ask myself the question why 7 times!

I will show you my example as I did when I was given the task of doing my mentor when I wanted to learn digital marketing. It took me several months to actually come up for my real reasons why I wanted to work with digital marketing. Asking these questions tore up a storm of feelings within me because I now got the clarity of WHY I was looking for this.

But every time it takes to sit down at the computer and solve another problem, analyze even more data and understand that my communications still need to be ground to get new customers, I can come back to my WHY chain and now I KNOW why I need to take another step towards my goal, to be free.

So, my WHY chain looked, I show it to you just as it looked when I did it, unpolished and raw. But the important thing is that it’s mine why it’s within me these words are important. It’s not the very words of which are important, but the very method of accessing the essence.

Why I want to work with digital marketing and SFM


I want to work whenever I want and with what I want!


  1. Therefore, I never want to work anymore or something that forces me to do things that I’m not good at.


  1. Therefore, it made me feel so bad and I was burned out.


  1. Therefore, I never felt I was dying and was good enough. In addition, I worked unreasonably many hours in relation to my salary.


  1. Because of a regular business, the requirements will never be lowered or be good enough. You will always be chased to make better profits at the expense of the employee. The salary will be low because there is no difference if I work indefinitely with overtime, so I do not get paid per hour or effort.


  1. The purpose of a company is to always continue expanding and increasing its profits. Therefore, the belts will be pulled tougher and harder. This makes employees worse and worse, making the opportunity to be a good boss almost non-existent. You will always feel insufficient. The salary can hardly affect as it is regulated by the general wage situation and the trade negotiations. The only way to increase your salary more than a single percentage is to change jobs and, once again, you have broken the chain and have to change the environment and climb the next social ladder. You will never feel at home.


  1. It will be very difficult to build relationships with your colleagues if you have to squeeze them or know that you are likely to change work soon, all that they change work. This makes people not dare to get close to each other, which means that you do not really stand up for each other in all situations. You simply become selfish and look for your own house first and foremost. In addition, wage negotiations create skepticism and confidence crises. As a manager, it is a great distance to the staff, which does not feel good in the heart.


  1. You will be incredibly lonely! One feels insufficient! You dare not trust what your coworkers say or do! You do not dare to bet anything you have because you’re probably not working for so long! You do not feel good when you can not do anything for someone bigger than yourself! We humans are not built to work alone, we are built to cooperate in groups, but then we need the trust and feeling of belonging and that the others want you.

Did you notice that my answers became longer and longer and the thoughts became deeper? That’s exactly what’s meant. It becomes as an inner reasoning with oneself and one has to put words on the feelings that you might not even know that you were wearing.

But can this really work in a workplace? How should a staff group be able to do such an exercise together?

The answer is that they do not have to do it together at all. Because every human being has his own WHY, it would be impossible to implement. But there is nothing that says that the group can not score goals, but then each person individually can put their own why. I find a fictional person, where the staff team has set goals to:

All sellers will increase their sales 10% compared to the previous year:

Why? For the company to go well financially!

Why? Because if they are doing well, my job is safe and I earn more money!

Why? In order for my job to be secured, we can borrow and buy the house we looked at!

Why? Because I want my children to grow up in a nice area!

Why? Because I want them to find nice friends and to play outside safely and safely.

Why? Because if the children are doing well, I feel good about my spouse!

Why? If our relationship is happy and the kids are doing well, I know I’m doing well. For me, the family is the most important and they are the main reason I work 8 hours each day.

Did you hang out? Okay, the reasoning was simplified, but I hope you have been able to address your own spirit about why there is no point in setting goals if you do not know why!

Do you want to meet the same mentor as I have? I clicked on an ad once and received 7 videos sent to me that concerned how digital marketing can give me the freedom to choose how I spend my time myself. If you want to get the same videos as I, browse this link and fill in your name and email, then you will get access to the same information that I received.

WHY will you do that? Yes, I do not know, you only know 🙂


Erika Lindström



Ditt mål betyder inget om du inte har koll på detta!

Du kan inte gå en enda utbildning, delta på en enda konferens, läsa en enda självhjälpsbok, ha ett enda personalmöte, utan att höra ordet mål. Att sätta mål är effektivitetens heliga graal.

Så många gånger man blivit presenterad för de S.M.A.R.T.A målen som om de precis vore uppfunna och kommer att lösa alla våra problem, bara vi kan komma ihåg vad varje bokskav stod för.

Det vi pratar mindre om, men som verkligen gör skillnad huruvida vi skapar uthållighet för att uppnå alla dessa mål, är VARFÖR vi gör det vi gör!

Det är inga problem att på personalmötet tagga till och sätta mål som stämmer efter varje bokstav. Inte heller att utse ansvariga för projektet, delmål och deadlines. Friskt sätter vi igång, kanske redan dagen efter och alla (nåja, nästan alla) är på och försöker implementera den nya brillianta planen. Det vi dock inte har tagit höjd för, är hur vi ska hantera situationen när vi stöter på vårt första motstånd.

Det är nämligen så att varje gång vi ska bryta ny mark måste vi bryta våra gamla mönster och skaffa oss nya vanor, eller bege oss utanför vår komfortzon. Att ligga utanför sin komfortzon är inte bekvämt, det hör man på namnet! Är det inte bekvämt fungerar vi människor så att vi så fort som möjligt vill undvika det obehagliga och gå tillbaka till det gamla, det välkända. Okänt är farligt säger våra instinkter.

Innan vi vet ordet av, har de nya målsättningarna klingat av och vi tänker mindre och mindre på dom. Kanske försöker chefen hålla liv i lågan ännu ett tag, men märker att medarbetarna viker undan med blicken och kroppsspråket signalerar lågt engagemang. Den här historien upprepar sig gång på gång, oavsett om det är firmans nya mål, eller om det är den nya idealvikten som skulle uppnås.

Vad hade kunnat göra skillnad? Precis, vi behöver veta VARFÖR vi ska bege oss utanför vår bekanta miljö. Räcker det då med att addera ett litet varför på raden nedanför våra S.M.A.R.T.A mål? Nej tyvärr, så enkelt är det inte heller. Dels för att vi inte kommer att nå vårt verkliga varför när vi skriver ned vår mening, dels för att varenda en av oss har olika perspektiv och vad som är viktigt för oss är högst individuellt.

Men hur gör man då? Av min mentor fick jag lära mig ett superknep! Jag måste fråga mig själv frågan varför 7 ggr!

Jag ska visa er mitt exempel som jag gjorde när jag fick uppgiften att göra av min mentor, när jag ville lära mig digital marknadsföring. Det tog mig flera månader att faktiskt komma fram till mina verkliga skäl varför jag ville jobba med digital marknadsföring. Att ställa dessa frågor rev upp en storm av känslor inom mig eftersom jag nu fick klarhet i VARFÖR jag sökte mig till detta.

Men varje gång det tar emot att sätta sig vid datorn och lösa ännu ett problem, analysera ännu mer data och förstå att min kommunikation fortfarande behöver slipas för att få nya kunder, kan jag återkomma till min VARFÖR-kedja och nu KÄNNER jag varför jag behöver ta ännu ett steg mot mitt mål, att bli fri.

Såhär såg min VARFÖR-kedja ut, jag visar den för er precis som den såg ut när jag gjorde den, opolorerad och rå. Men det viktiga är att det är mitt varför, det är inom mig de här orden är viktiga. Det är inte själva orden i varför som är viktiga, utan själva metoden för att komma åt kärnan.

Varför jag vill jobba med digital marknadsföring och på SFM

Jag vill jobba när jag vill och med vad jag vill!


1. Därför jag vill aldrig mer jobba under någon eller något som tvingar mig att göra saker som jag inte mår bra av.


2. Därför det fick mig att må så dåligt och jag blev dessutom utbränd.


3. Därför jag kände aldrig att jag dög och var tillräckligt bra. Dessutom jobbade jag orimligt många timmar i förhållande till min lön.


4. Därför att på ett vanligt företag kommer kraven aldrig att sänkas eller vara bra nog. Du kommer alltid att jagas att göra bättre vinster på medarbetarens bekostnad. Lönen blir låg eftersom det inte är någon skillnad om jag jobbar obegränsat med övertid, jag får alltså inte betalt per timme eller insats.


5. Ett företags syfte är att alltid fortsätta expandera och öka sin vinst. Därför kommer svångremmen att dras åt hårdare och hårdare. Det gör att medarbetarna mår sämre och sämre, vilket gör möjligheten att vara en god chef nästan obefintlig. Du kommer alltid att känna dig otillräcklig. Lönen går knappast att påverka då den regleras av det allmänna löneläget och de fackliga förhandlingarna. Enda sättet att öka sin lön mer än någon enstaka procent är att byta jobb och därmed har du ännu en gång brutit kedjan och måste byta miljö och klättra på nästa sociala stege. Du kommer aldrig att känna dig hemma.


6. Det blir väldigt svårt att bygga relationer med sina arbetskamrater om man måste pressa dem eller vet att man troligen kommer att byta arbete inom kort, alt att de byter arbete. Det gör att människor inte vågar komma varandra för nära, vilket gör att man inte riktigt ställer upp för varandra i alla situationer. Man blir helt enkelt egoistisk och ser om sitt eget hus först och främst. Dessutom skapar löneförhandlingar skepsis och förtroendekriser. Som chef blir det en stor distans till personalen vilket inte känns bra i hjärtat.


7. Man blir otroligt ensam! Man känner sig otillräcklig! Man törs inte lita på vad sina arbetskamrater säger eller gör! Man vågar inte satsa allt man har eftersom man troligen inte jobbar kvar så länge! Man mår inte bra när man inte får göra något för någon som är större än dig själv! Vi människor är inte byggda för att jobba ensamma, vi är byggda för att samverka i grupp, men då krävs det tillit och känslan av att tillhöra och att de andra vill dig väl.

Märkte ni att mina svar blev längre och längre och tankarna blev djupare? Det är precis det som är meningen. Det blir som ett inre resonemang med sig själv och man får sätta ord på de känslor som man kanske inte ens visste att man bar på.

Men kan det här verkligen fungera på en arbetsplats? Hur ska en personalgrupp kunna utföra en sån övning tillsammans?

Svaret är att de inte alls behöver göra det tillsammans. Eftersom varje människa har sina egna VARFÖR skulle det vara omöjligt att genomföra. Men det finns inget som säger att gruppen inte kan sätta mål tillsammans, men sen får varje person enskilt sätta sina egna varför. Jag hittar på en fiktiv person, där personalgruppen tagit fram mål att:

Alla säljare ska öka sin försäljning 10% mot föregående år:

Varför? För att företaget ska gå bra ekonomiskt!

Varför? För att om de går bra är mitt jobb tryggat och jag tjänar mer pengar!

Varför? För att om mitt jobb är tryggat kan vi få lån och köpa huset vi tittat på!

Varför? För att jag vill att mina barn ska få växa upp i ett fint område!

Varför? För att jag vill att de ska hitta fina kompisar och kunna leka ute tryggt och säkert.

Varför? För att om barnen mår bra så mår jag om min make/maka bra!

Varför? Om vårt förhållande är lyckligt och barnen mår bra, vet jag att jag mår bra. För mig är familjen det allra viktigaste och de är främsta anledningen till att jag jobbar 8 timmar varje dag.

Hängde ni med? Okej, resonemanget var förenklat, men jag hoppas att ni kunnat ta till er själva andemeningen om varför det inte är någon idé att sätta mål om man inte vet VARFÖR!

Vill du träffa samma mentor som jag har? Jag klickade på en annons en gång och fick 7 st videos skickade till mig som berörde hur digital marknadsföring kan ge mig frihet att själv välja hur jag tillbringar min tid. Om du vill få samma videos som jag, surfa in på den här länken och fyll ditt namn och e-post så får du tillgång till samma information som jag fick. VARFÖR ska du göra det? Ja, det vet ju inte jag, det vet bara du 🙂

Erika Lindström


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