How To Make An Income From The Internet

What differs Sfm from MLM?

What differs Sfm from MLM?

As you might know by now, I help people to start up new businesses online. I help my customers to find new ways to create freedom as in time and financial. To find solutions to work with something to feel passionate about.   


Less than 1,5 year ago, I was unemployed, burnt out and my business was in bankruptcy. Then I found the Sfm in an ad. I was very sceptical about it all, but I decided to at least give it a try, I knew I had a 30-day refund if I didn’t like it.  At that point, my whole life turned around. The Sfm education was so much more than just another online course, how to create a business online.  I learned about my self, my self-value, I re-discovered what I even like do to (I had totally forgotten what I once liked to do since a long time ago), I started to dream again….. THEN I was taught how to build a business out of that, instead of building my business first and then see if it would make me happy.  

Is Sfm an MLM or a Pyramid?

So many of you ask me this question in the beginning, and I can totally understand why.  

What is a pyramid?

First of all…pyramid companies are illegal and a scam! Very often is it build of a promise of good service, but no one has actually seen the service for real. You earn money by recruiting other people under you, and that’s how the pyramid is growing.  

What about MLM

MLM= Multi-Level Marketing, is a legal business, very often with a good quality product to sell. The business idea is that you use your network around you to get customers. If you then recruit others to sell the same product, you will also get a commission from their sales. The easiest way to get a decent income is to build a sales organisation under your self because your own network is probably not big market enough for you to get enough sales to be able to make a living.  The problem with this business model is that you will need to ask all your friends and family to buy something that they didn’t ask for, to buy from you. It’s easy to feel guilty because they might buy your product to help you, and not because they actually wanted to. And if they don’t want to buy, you might feel a little bit awkward.  Then you have this problem that very soon you have already asked all the people you know, and if you talk about it again you will be perceived as annoying. So, here you are…you need to build your own sales organisation, to be able to grow.  

But now you are standing in front of a big problem….

Where can you find these people, to recruit under your self? One of the common advice from the MLM companies is that you are supposed to collect as many “no’s” as possible. Because for every no you get, the closer to a yes you will be!  Really!!!!! How does this make you feel?  Yes, I know, that will make you feel so bad and stressed ( I know because this story keeps coming back to me when talking to you in my scheduled phonecalls).

Who wants to collect NO and be happy with that?! So, what differs the affiliate business model from MLM?

When you work as an affiliate, you basically recommend a product or service that you like, to someone else. If they decide they like the service or product and decides to buy, you will get a commission from that sale. You can get affiliate commissions from a ton of companies, eg. Amazon, Travel companies, credit card holders, accounting programs, book stores online or as in my case Sfm that sells educations how to build businesses online in a way that provides value to their customers.  

But read this… don’t market to your friends and families!!! 

Sfm teaches you how to market in different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Search and Amazon, to make the customers FIND YOU! I have not asked one single person to buy from me! They ALL came to me, just like you did when signing up to my email list after watching my ad. You liked the message I told you, and you read this message right now, because you are curious to learn more about this topic, right?  So, as long as I provide you with valuable information, you keep following me and stays on my list.  Then, of course, many of you take a decision to trust me….or at least give it a try, and sign up to Sfm’s first module, knowing that you take no risk because you will get refunded if so.  

Can you imagine how that would feel like, to be able to make a living out of something that you know will help others to solve a problem, and they all came to YOU, asking to buy?! 

That’s what Sfm taught me to do. How to market to anyone, selling whatever I want to sell. You don’t have to sell Sfm because you are a student at Sfm. They will teach you to sell ANYTHING that you like to sell.  The only reason I’m working as an affiliate for Sfm is that I LOVE this education and what it stands for (help people to solve real problems) and of course, as far as I know, they have the best affiliate program for high ticket sales on the market! And every day, someone contacts me, thanking me for what I do. 

They say that Sfm was SO MUCH MORE than just an online business education. I built my business within less than 1.5 years, as a student of Sfm. If I could do this, you can for sure too! But you need to take a decision to try. You need to take action because there will not be a perfect timing later on. Neither I or Sfm (or someone else) can help you if you don’t make a change.  

Get started today, remember you can not lose, it’s 100 % risk-free the first month. If you decide to not continue after your first month, you will get all the learning in the first module for free….. Here’s what some other members have to say about Sfm’s education!

Click this link! 

With love from Erika  

 PS! You can now get in touch with me by scheduling a call on this link:

This is what Gareth managed to achieve in 20 months with the Sfm education

Listen to what my friend Gareth has to say about the education Sfm provides and how he managed to turn his life situation around in only 1 year and 8 months. Gareth started with no experience at all ( just like I did) and now he really life his life on his own terms. You can do this too, if you are prepared to follow this step by step education and realise that you need to invest some time and money for education in the beginning, just like in every successful business model.

If you think this might be something for you, you need to stop hesitating and take action today. Remember, we are so sure of this proven system that we offer you a refund of 100 % of your money within 30 days, if you don’t love this program! Get started now, click the button above!

Can you have your dream vacation this year?

The summer starts now and I guess most of you already planned your vacation for this year.?!

Let me ask you, did you get the weeks you asked for, or did you have to adapt your vacation to suit your company’s need better?

Can you afford to do the things you love to do this summer?

If not, why so? Is it important for you to have a change in that matter?

Not too long ago, I was exactly in your position. Already in March, I was supposed to know when I wanted to have my vacation and send my application to my boss. It really was a wish list, because my summer was 100 % in my boss hands. If I was lucky I got my 4 weeks (yes I know, it’s 52 weeks in a year) simultaneously as my husband and we could spend time together with our 3 children for once.

But if my boss decided it was not a good solution for my company, I had to move my vacation to some other weeks. Better luck next year was the message!

This summer we will spend 8 weeks in our sailing boat (last summer we spent 63 nights onboard our boat). Our plans are to visit the islands of Åland (belongs to Finland) and our new favourite island Gotland in Sweden. That is a really long trip, but that doesn’t matter any more. I’m going on a “workcation” (work and vacation) which means that I check how my business is going and answer questions from you when got wifi ( I love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to email me with all your questions). That’s is not a struggle at all, but just fun!

The rest of my time, I will spend doing exactly what comes to my mind for the moment. That’s the meaning of being truly free!

This is possible to me because I took action 7 months ago, and joined SFM to learn how to create a business online. It’s not a quick solution, but if you are determined and eager to learn this profession, you are able to do the same journey as I did.

You don’t have to know anything about the tech, or marketing. The education teaches you everything about that. But you need to be willing to listen carefully and take action, step by step as you go through the learning modules.

You can now get the very first module for only $29,95. Click on this link and you get started today. You have 100 % money back guarantee, so this is absolutely risk-free!

So, let me ask you again, how will you spend the next summer vacation?

Have a great summer, be a GAME CHANGER!


Why pay for SFM Academy, when I can just Google it?

As you might know by now, SFM is an academy, teaching you how to master  Digital Marketing. One of the questions I get when I talk to people is “why do I need to pay for this education when it’s possible to Google most of the information?”.

Let’s talk about that! First of all, of course, you can google, if you have a lot of free time and nothing better to spend it on, and also a lot of money to lose on mistakes that you will have for sure. Why is that so?

Imagine that you want to become a carpenter and you want to build your own house! You have seen others doing it, so you understand that you need some tools and material to build with. So, first of all, you need to decide which tools you will need first and most frequently. So you start to create your own tools. Without the right machinery and skills, it’s very difficult to make your own saws and hammers, but you might be able to create something similar, even though the quality is not too good, to be honest.

So, now you are ready to start building your house. You have no drawings, but in your mind, it will look like a castle!  Do I even need to describe what the house would look like if you have no education in carpeting, plumbing, electricity, and painting? How expensive do you think this project will be? Do you think that it will look like a castle? How much time and energy will this house consume from you, and was it really a good idea to do this without education and proper tools?

What is digital marketing?

With digital marketing, you have exactly the same conditions to be successful. Being a digital marketer is a real job, a real skill, which requires education and understanding. You need proven tools and you need to know which tool is good to use where. You need a plan, drawings, to be able to scale up until you have your castle. You also need to be aware of all the changes that happen with a very short notice on the marketing platforms.

As a student at SFM Academy, you will be provided with the best and latest tools on the market, you will get access to the best leaders in the marketing in the world, you will be able to study over 10.000 courses on Microsoft You will be a member of a unique community where all the members help each other to succeed. You will start a new journey in your life, where you start to know your own value and create your own drawing of a castle of your own. Your castle will be built on time freedom, financial freedom and a feeling of fulfilment and joy in life.

What is that kind of education worth to you? Can you really afford not to? If so, just Google it!


I’m a game changer!

London February 2018

I was really nervous, this was my very first Momentum day in the SFM tribe. We had come from all over the world to have a live meeting in London and the room was packed with successful marketers, who I’ve seen over and over again on their professional Youtube videos and in Facebook ads.

It was very strange to suddenly meet and talk to all these people that I’ve only seen on webinars and ads before, but they were all so polite and really happy to meet me. The atmosphere in the room was epic!

I went to the big table in the back of the room to pick up my name pass to hang around my neck and the girl that served me pointed at a rack packed with different quotes.  Just pick one and tape it onto your nametag she instructed.

My eyes swept over the different messages but instantly stopped at the quote saying: “Be a game changer!”

I knew instinctively that was it, that is the quote that fits me perfectly. From that day I always know why I’m doing what I’m doing right now. I quit my job to break free, and it took me a good amount of time to figure out what to do next. I had a really strong aversion to going back to my career and all the overtime hours, stress and unfulfillment that I felt. I wanted to get out of the rat race!

As you might know at this time I clicked on an ad for SFM just like you did, and I was one of the 3 % that actually took action and started my own business online. To be able to do that I became a student at SFM, who helped me massively to educate me, giving me the mindset, taught me to think like a marketer, helped me to find my own value, gave me the technical skills and so on. The value of this community is indescribable, you need to experience it to be able to understand the big difference to everything else you’ve ever known.

This was only 5 months ago! Today I have my own ads running on several platforms. I have a beautiful webpage, I have skills to build web pages for others, to be compliant, build sales funnels, create landing pages, set up social media accounts for businesses, blogging, SEO, Youtube, edit videos, webinars…and lots and lots of more. I can not even believe how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time.

I will very soon start a new business and sell my own product line B2B! I just bought the domain name!

So, what am I saying with all this?

Instead of letting my life go on and having the feeling of unfulfillment and lack of money and freedom, I decided to do something about my situation. I’m a game changer!

I will never go back to where I was, this freedom that I now have, I will never give up. I am determined to spread this wisdom to others, that it really is a way out of the whole spinning wheel. It’s not hard if you have the right education and community to help you.

So, when is it your time to change your life, to create your life and income stream that actually gives you something back, in terms of fulfillment and a good paycheck?

If you are a game changer, please just take action today. Start your very first month as an SFM student. I guarantee you will not regret it. In fact, I’m so sure of it that we will pay you every cent back within 30 days if you do!

Be a game changer!



Can you have your digital income stream besides your ordinary job

In this article, you can read about the solutions how to start up your own business online, while still working at your ordinary job. I give you examples how others have made it and why it’s even a good idea not to quit your job in the beginning. 

Here in Sweden we just got the first signs of spring. This year has been the toughest winter with records of snow depths and extremely cold. But now when the sun starts to shine again and you can hear the birds singing, almost everyone starts to lounge for their summer vacation. In Sweden, we have 4 weeks in the summer months and because the weather can be very unstable, these 4 weeks means everything to us. We just can’t bare if it’s raining and 12 °C!

Why digital marketing gives you time freedom

As a digital marketer, we don’t have this kind of problems. Because we have created our selves a passive income stream, we can go for a holiday whenever we want to, during the year. Some of us has successfully automated their business so well, that they can manage to be away and completely free for weeks or even more. Others have outsourced and automated most of it, and just need to check in for a short moment every day, to run their businesses. Most of our work online can be prepared and scheduled a long time before, so for you, it seems like we just wrote and sent you our e-mail, but in fact, it might have been prepared and scheduled weeks ago.

So what holds most people back from starting up their own online business?

We all have some fears that hold us back when we want to start something new in our lives. One of the most common fear is that you are unsure if you have enough time and energy to do it beside your ordinary job. That is a very relevant question to ask your self.

When I get this question I always start with asking you what will happen if you don’t start up anything and begin to change?

There must be a reason why you even considered to do something else from the start, right? Probably you are like 97 % of the population, you work very hard, your life is filled with obligations towards family, children, and friends. You struggle to get some time on your own, to do the thing you love to do. Most people need to work and save money for years to be able to bring the whole family on a nice vacation for one or two weeks.

So, what will change if you just continue on the same path as you are in now? Is it likely that your boss will seek you up one day and give you a pat on the shoulder, praise you for your excellent job and therefore give you the possibility to go on holiday or just take the day off, whenever you feel for it? (Maybe he/she has a very good day and gives you a huge rise in your salary as well, so you can afford to book the next flight to the Caribbeans ;).

That might happen, but it not so likely, I guess.

So, what is the answer then?

If you think of the outcome of staying in where you are right now, letting the years go by without making any changes, and you realize that you really want something else for your future, you have the answer!

You need to take action! If you are clear on why you want to start your own passive income stream on the internet, you will figure it out how to. Most of the students I know in SFM Academy keep their ordinary jobs, while they study and set up their business. In this way, they keep their safety of still having an income, and they can also spare some of the salaries to use as a marketing budget. Of course, you can do it without a budget, but it will take much longer time and effort.

If you can spare 2 hours a day, you can make a really big change while building your business. I have a friend, she is a mother of 3, working full time as a nurse, often 13 hours shifts and now 1 year later she is a very successful business owner. If your goal is to get time freedom and be able to have a decent income, you can do the effort for a couple of years, if needed.

The big question is, can you afford not to do it?

Be a game changer!



They were used to me working overtime. Now I have a flexibel job schedule

In this article, Erika talks about her previous career, filled with endless amounts of overtime hours and excuses that it will be better times later on.  And how she finally was able to break the bad circle and create true time freedom. 

New hopes but always the same results

Mum, will you be late this evening? Will you be able to put me to bed tonight?

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard these questions from my 3 children. And every time, my heart ached and I did my best not to look my children in the eye when I promised them to do my very best to get home in time, but I couldn’t promise them for sure.

My husband was always an angel during this time and explained to our children that I needed to work to be able to support them. Of course, he also worked full time, but his job was more regular times than mine.

During this time a worked as a manager in the retail business. Sometimes I was employed by big country-wide chains in Sweden, other times I had my own franchise businesses. But the common thing about all these jobs was that I always was the manager, responsible for the staff and the results. In reality, that means that you in principle always are available to work, and you can never turn off your phone and just be free.

I was a manager for 6 different stores during this time and every time I change job, my hopes was that everything will be better with my next job because it’s a new company and so on. But that never happened.


When enough is enough

I’m sure that so many of you will recognize your own life in mine, even though we might have different careers and life situations. But the common thing about today’s working life is that it’s very stressful and it get’s more and more difficult to combine with your family life.

For me, it all ended abruptly. Because of years of stress and overtime, without listening to all the warning signs, my body completely shut down and I was diagnosed with burn out and depression. After some horrible months, I finally was able to get out of bed, but all I could think about was how to get out of my job situation and how to be able to support my self and my family, without compromise with my values and with something that I really liked to do for work?!

Actually, I did quit my job! Some of my family and friends thought I was crazy to quit from such a “good job” and they were eager to point out to me how difficult it will be to find another job. This was really tough for me because I had no answer how to solve it. But I deeply felt inside of me, that I don’t want a new job like that. I want a big change!

And one day, I saw one ad on Facebook, and my whole life started to change!

The digital economy solution

Like so many of you, my digital career started with me watching and clicking on one ad. I was really skeptical in the beginning, as you should be! The internet is full of scams, and I was quite sure that this will turn out to be one too. But I sign up for my video series (if you don’t already have click here) and I admit that I did not start watching the videos and read my emails immediately. But when I started to watch  Stuart Ross explaining about the digital economy and what a list was and why it was so important, I felt instinctive that this is something I need to explore even deeper. So I did!

I signed up my application for my first trial month with full money payback guarantee and was pretty sure that I would claim my money back. I even set one alarm on my phone to be sure not to miss the date. I started my new digital education immediately and I was blown away! This was far much better from every online course you can ever imagine. The SFM academy for packed with valuable information and available leaders, ready to help you whenever you raised your hand.

I did my module 1 training in record speed, and the decision to pay for full membership was very easy. Since then, I have built my website, have my sales funnel running, started my business Facebook page, set up my advertising, started to blog, published articles on LinkedIn, set up different affiliate income streams and much much more. I get new leads (like customers entering your digital store) every day and I love the feeling of them coming to mee, instead of the opposite, me chasing customers and doing cold calls. I can sell whatever I want, and work with the things that give me a meaningful day.

In fact, I don’t feel like I’m working at all, anymore!

Can this work for you as well?

When people I talk with, thinking of starting their own business online, they hesitate most often because of these three fears. To have fears is perfectly normal and also good sometimes. But too often, the fears are not based on real facts and block our potentials.

These three fears are the most common from my opinion:
  1. I don’t have time to start an online business! Well, is that not the point why start a new path?! We are so many learning and start earning besides our ordinary jobs. You can do that too!
  2. I’m too old to start an online business! No, you are not! As long as you have dreams to fulfill, you are not too old. We have students from very young, to over their 80’s. 
  3. I don’t have the technical skills to start an online business! Yes! That’s why you need an education! As long as you can copy and paste (we will teach you how to do that too if you need) you can learn how to set up your own business online. And the good thing about this is that it’s so easy today, compared to a few years ago. Nowadays, there’s automatic systems and templates for almost everything. 
Great! So, what to do next?

If you have read this far, I’m guessing something that I’m saying has resonated with you?! Just ignore your doubts and fears for a moment, and think of the possibilities you might have if you created your own business online. What would you do with your time and money?

Here’s a checklist for you what to do!
  1. If you have not signed up for the video series, do that now!
  2. Get started today by fill in your application for the first trial month. 100 % money back guarantee = NO RISK!
  3. After your application has been approved, begin the first learning Module in SFM and check out all the benefits. Remember, you can always claim your money back if you are not satisfied.
  4. Start to create your ideal day! What are you dreaming of? When and how do you want to work? How much money do you want to earn? Where do you want to spend your vacations?

Whatever you do, do something to make a change for a better life quality today! Remember, it’s always the first step that is the most difficult to take. But you just put one foot in front of the other, and then you do it again. Suddenly you have started walking!

Be a game changer!









5 reasons to become a digital marketer

The internet is only 25 years old. And earning a decent income for the less technically minded has only really become possible in maybe the last 10 to 15 years. So the job title “Digital marketer” is a very new concept. But what are the 5 most important benefits working as a digital marketer? Of course, that depends on who you ask, but this is my list of WHY: 
1. I decide when I work! Finally, I got a flexible schedule for real. I can set up and prepare all my work, such as broadcasts, ads, and Facebook post etc. and just schedule when to publish them. This automation systems create true time freedom!
2. The internet stream never close. Because we can work all over the world from our living room (or a hotel room 😉 our business is always open, 24 h. I just love the feeling of waking up in the morning and check my latest results that popped in while I was sleeping. This is true financial freedom!
3. I can choose which tasks I really like to do! The rest I let someone else do for me. It doesn´t matter if they are located on the other side of the planet, or if they sit next door because they deliver their assignments electronically anyway. This is true laptop lifestyle!
4. Now I have fellow employees from all over the world! We have true relationships. Because I now choose my own colleague´s which I enjoy to talk and associate with, I love each and every one of them. We help each other because we want to, not because we have to. And we talk live every day over the internet and also fly somewhere to meet in person. That´s a truly lovely lifestyle!
5. I can sell whatever I want to. The possibilities you have online is endless! That´s why I only work with the products that I´m absolutely sure will help you to find your own freedom. Simply because my heart sings when I talk to customers that can´t believe how lucky they are to finally gain time and financial freedom. Now you are able to spend time with the things that you love, without struggling with your economy. The amount you earn is not directly linked to the number of hours worked. This is true freedom.
If you also would like to work whenever and where ever you want to, please tap on this link to make an application to the academy and find out if this is a good fit for you. 
I look forward to welcoming you on the other side.
All my best to you!
Erika Lindstrom