Can you still make a decent income, blogging?

In this article, Erika is talking about blogging professionally and if it’s still possible to make a decent income by blogging?! She also brings up some of the important strategies that you need to be clear about before you write your first post if you want to be successful with your blog. 

What do you think about when you hear the word blogging? If you are like me, I’m thinking about a very young girl, dreaming about making the big money, by writing about the latest makeup products or the hottest fashion. Just a few years ago it seemed like everyone started their own blog and wrote about every topic you can think about. The blog often published on free blog-platforms and looked very simple with poor pictures and structure.

So, is it even possible to start your own blog and make money out of it? The answer is, YES it is, but you need to have a strategy to be able to succeed.

First of all, you need to decide if you are a Type A person or a Type B person. I will explain to you what that means. And if you are a Type A person there are 3 strategies you could use. Does it sound difficult?

Don’t worry, we will sort this out, bit by bit. First, think of your blog strategy as a cake. Split in half. One half is strategy A the other is strategy B.

Type A

If you are a Type A person, you will combine your blogging strategy with paid advertising. This is a much quicker strategy that will bring you more leads in a shorter time. The negative aspect of this strategy is that the leads tend to be of a bit lower quality, by that I mean they convert into sales less often, and this will also cost you some money. So you will need to have a marketing budget for this strategy.

The good news is that you can use the full Type A strategy (half the cake), or split your half cake again into 3 pieces. I will explain this further.

Now it is up to you to decide if you want to digest all three pieces or just 1 or 2 pieces.

This is what the pieces contain:


  • You need to build a relationship with your subscribers on the list.
  • No syndication, you don’t have to spread your content to different platforms.
  • You need to be highly congruent with the message on Facebook/Youtube/Adwords ads.
  • Everything above, plus you need to structure your blog as well.
  • Everything above, plus you also need to syndicate your articles/blog posts.
  • It requires a marketing budget- pay per click marketing.
  • It takes less time.
  • You need to be less consistent to post your content.
  • You need to be less committed.
  • You need to write fewer articles and blog posts.
  • Your articles will be market orientated and focus on the messaging to your audience.
  • You need to focus less on the writing. Instead, you are focusing more on doing the paid marketing ad campaigns, than the blog.
  • You can be less system orientated. That means that you don’t have to worry about SEO and keyword strategies, and just write for the audience that you already are targeting.
  • This is a quicker strategy. You will have more leads in a shorter amount of time. Because you also use paid marketing you will have a higher volume of traffic.
  • Attract a lot of “seekers” of information, rather than buyers.
  • The readers are less involved.
  • Often not the same quality of the leads. They don’t convert as often as leads in strategy B, but instead, you have more leads. It’s a numbers game.
Type B

If you are a Type B person, you will use all the long-term strategies to build your audience. This means that you will have to use all the tools we will describe below. It will not be a quick fix, but when you give it time and effort, the reward will be so much greater, and for almost no budget at all. All you need is time and a really solid strategy!

This is  what the Type B half of the cake is about:



  • You don’t need a marketing budget or just a very small one if you want to boost a special post.
  • You need a lot of time
  • You need to be very consistent, write 1 or 2 articles every day!
  • Therefore you need to be very committed!
  • You need to be highly focused on attracting search engine traffic. You will have to learn some skills about SEO.
  • You can target a wider market and therefore you don’t necessarily need to be as congruent with your message/blog/video. Therefore you can write on a wide range of topics for the niche.
  • You need to write keyworded blogs/articles. That means that you require a detailed keyword research.
  • You need to be highly system orientated, focused on working the system.
  • You will have to provide the value first, and the result/sales second.
  • The first action will not be to turn up to your website and start blogging. You need to do a lot of research first.
  • It is a long-term strategy!
  • It will give you fewer leads than strategy Type A, but the quality is higher. These leads tend to convert into sales more often.
  • It’s a highly focused article/blog post marketing strategy. Writing blogs is the core of what you do!
So, are you a Type A or Type B person?

I understand that you might need some time to decide that. For me personally, it was really easy. Even though I wished that I am the Type B personality, I know for sure, when I read all the bullets under strategy Type B, that I probably don’t have the patience to wait for my leads that long. And I’m also quite sure that I won’t commit as much time as required.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be a successful blogger! I do have a small marketing budget, so I can speed things up. Then I can also outsource some of the writing if needed. That is very easy to do and at a low cost.

If you think this is interesting and can see the value for your business, or are eager to set up a new business, you probably realize that you need to dig deeper into this knowledge. Of course, you can search on the internet for free information, but that will take you quite long time, and it can be difficult to follow the path in the right order.

If you are ready to start at once, I’ll suggest that you sign up somewhere where you can learn from real experts. You can start today by following this link. The value of signing up to an academy where you get the best and latest tactics from proven marketing experts, and also being able to reach out to them for individual help and feedback are so significant.

Take action today, and start your successful business-blog! Click this link to get your first trial month:

It’s never too late to start, we all have something important to say!










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  1. Susan Patricia Connor Lewis

    Hello Erika Interesting to see no comment re the reference of who has actually developed this concept. many of us attended the private workshops that had a Mr Mark Ford present this topic in detail. From memory it is polite to quote the source after sending the topic to the person who’s ideas they are. Then ask if the ideas may be put forth for others to see. In a local town here years ago a head of University Campus was sacked due to something called plagiarism. Using someone else’s work without reference and written permission. If it was art work it would also need the creative writes ownership added.

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