Can you have your dream vacation this year?

The summer starts now and I guess most of you already planned your vacation for this year.?!

Let me ask you, did you get the weeks you asked for, or did you have to adapt your vacation to suit your company’s need better?

Can you afford to do the things you love to do this summer?

If not, why so? Is it important for you to have a change in that matter?

Not too long ago, I was exactly in your position. Already in March, I was supposed to know when I wanted to have my vacation and send my application to my boss. It really was a wish list, because my summer was 100 % in my boss hands. If I was lucky I got my 4 weeks (yes I know, it’s 52 weeks in a year) simultaneously as my husband and we could spend time together with our 3 children for once.

But if my boss decided it was not a good solution for my company, I had to move my vacation to some other weeks. Better luck next year was the message!

This summer we will spend 8 weeks in our sailing boat (last summer we spent 63 nights onboard our boat). Our plans are to visit the islands of Åland (belongs to Finland) and our new favourite island Gotland in Sweden. That is a really long trip, but that doesn’t matter any more. I’m going on a “workcation” (work and vacation) which means that I check how my business is going and answer questions from you when got wifi ( I love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to email me with all your questions). That’s is not a struggle at all, but just fun!

The rest of my time, I will spend doing exactly what comes to my mind for the moment. That’s the meaning of being truly free!

This is possible to me because I took action 7 months ago, and joined SFM to learn how to create a business online. It’s not a quick solution, but if you are determined and eager to learn this profession, you are able to do the same journey as I did.

You don’t have to know anything about the tech, or marketing. The education teaches you everything about that. But you need to be willing to listen carefully and take action, step by step as you go through the learning modules.

You can now get the very first module for only $29,95. Click on this link and you get started today. You have 100 % money back guarantee, so this is absolutely risk-free!

So, let me ask you again, how will you spend the next summer vacation?

Have a great summer, be a GAME CHANGER!


6 thoughts on “Can you have your dream vacation this year?”

  1. Dave Menzies

    I can relate to this Erika. In my last job I was forced to take my holidays during school holidays when travel and accommodation are more expensive. We don\’t have kids ourselves and my executive role didn\’t have an immediate effect on the company\’s day to day operations. Like you I am now a self employed internet entrepreneur and have no such restrictions on when I take holidays. It\’s incredibly liberating to seperate time from money as we can in the digital economy.

    1. Thank you, Dave. I have not reflected much the possibility to be able to travel when the kids are in school, which means that you can travel a lot cheaper. But that is so true! Now we don’t have to plan so much either when to have a vacation. That’s because as a digital marketer we can always run our business from our laptop as long as we have WiFi sometimes. Or as I nowadays say: I have a workation ;). But that is not a problem when you love what you’re doing. //Erika

  2. I can only imagine how much your children are benefiting from your career change and the value that it is bringing to their childhood. There is nothing that compares to having the time freedom to shape your own life. I wish you the best. Enjoy your “work cation” to the fullest!

    1. Thank you Sara. You are really into something important here. My new lifestyle is not only important to me but my children. My two teenagers will learn that you CAN take control over your life and create it as you want it to be, but you need to take action and be brave to do something that most people don´t understand the beauty of. My youngest son of 7 years old will benefit for me to be present in his everyday life, always available to follow him to his sports training and be able to pick him up early from school. Later on in his life, i’m sure that he will find a strong woman that create her life after her own premises, just because he always saw his mum acting like that. What a wonderful thought you just gave me. Thank you so much! //Erika

  3. Susan Patricia Connor Lewis

    I\’d worked as a relief taxi driver for over ten years. Took one holiday to last ten days. Just to spend time in an Art Gallery absorbing the energy from artists I\’d wanted to see since 1977. I got five days.. three of which were travelling.

    Next year My holidays were taken away … I found out the day before I went away.

    Solution only took another eight months to activate. I walked away. Never to go back

    Must satisfying thing done was realizing I had finally stood up for myself.

    1. Oh wow! What a story! I really feel the pain you must have been in, and to read that you finally stood up for your self and just walked away is amazing of you. I applaud your bravery and I wish you the very best from life. You deserve years of vacation from now on! Take care//Erika

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