Can you have your digital income stream besides your ordinary job

In this article, you can read about the solutions how to start up your own business online, while still working at your ordinary job. I give you examples how others have made it and why it’s even a good idea not to quit your job in the beginning. 

Here in Sweden we just got the first signs of spring. This year has been the toughest winter with records of snow depths and extremely cold. But now when the sun starts to shine again and you can hear the birds singing, almost everyone starts to lounge for their summer vacation. In Sweden, we have 4 weeks in the summer months and because the weather can be very unstable, these 4 weeks means everything to us. We just can’t bare if it’s raining and 12 °C!

Why digital marketing gives you time freedom

As a digital marketer, we don’t have this kind of problems. Because we have created our selves a passive income stream, we can go for a holiday whenever we want to, during the year. Some of us has successfully automated their business so well, that they can manage to be away and completely free for weeks or even more. Others have outsourced and automated most of it, and just need to check in for a short moment every day, to run their businesses. Most of our work online can be prepared and scheduled a long time before, so for you, it seems like we just wrote and sent you our e-mail, but in fact, it might have been prepared and scheduled weeks ago.

So what holds most people back from starting up their own online business?

We all have some fears that hold us back when we want to start something new in our lives. One of the most common fear is that you are unsure if you have enough time and energy to do it beside your ordinary job. That is a very relevant question to ask your self.

When I get this question I always start with asking you what will happen if you don’t start up anything and begin to change?

There must be a reason why you even considered to do something else from the start, right? Probably you are like 97 % of the population, you work very hard, your life is filled with obligations towards family, children, and friends. You struggle to get some time on your own, to do the thing you love to do. Most people need to work and save money for years to be able to bring the whole family on a nice vacation for one or two weeks.

So, what will change if you just continue on the same path as you are in now? Is it likely that your boss will seek you up one day and give you a pat on the shoulder, praise you for your excellent job and therefore give you the possibility to go on holiday or just take the day off, whenever you feel for it? (Maybe he/she has a very good day and gives you a huge rise in your salary as well, so you can afford to book the next flight to the Caribbeans ;).

That might happen, but it not so likely, I guess.

So, what is the answer then?

If you think of the outcome of staying in where you are right now, letting the years go by without making any changes, and you realize that you really want something else for your future, you have the answer!

You need to take action! If you are clear on why you want to start your own passive income stream on the internet, you will figure it out how to. Most of the students I know in SFM Academy keep their ordinary jobs, while they study and set up their business. In this way, they keep their safety of still having an income, and they can also spare some of the salaries to use as a marketing budget. Of course, you can do it without a budget, but it will take much longer time and effort.

If you can spare 2 hours a day, you can make a really big change while building your business. I have a friend, she is a mother of 3, working full time as a nurse, often 13 hours shifts and now 1 year later she is a very successful business owner. If your goal is to get time freedom and be able to have a decent income, you can do the effort for a couple of years, if needed.

The big question is, can you afford not to do it?

Be a game changer!



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  1. Ludicard munyasa

    My main aim is to have enough time on working and learning more on digital marketing coz it has a future which most people egnore and relay on their jobs which is wrong better to think outside the box and focus to where you will end when retirement knocks inn.

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