Are You Stuck?

Right now I’m preparing training for our Elite members where I will talk about why people get stuck and how to handle it and get things moving forward again.  It hit me that this might be of interest to you too, so therefore I decided to share one important piece from the upcoming webinar with you here. 

Growth – if you stop growing you will die!

We all need to grow…

There are some very important needs we have in life, and one of those is that we must grow as a person. How we grow can differ from person to person, but you need to feel that you develop your skills in some area to be happy.  That’s one of the reasons why people are not happy anymore in their jobs. So many employees feel stagnation at work and lounge for more responsibility or new tasks.  But there’s one problem when you actually stand in front of the change you want and need so much….you will start feeling fear!

Fear – why do I feel it?

So, here you stand in front of your new fantastic opportunity that you have longed for, and what happens….yes, you suddenly fills with fear! Why is that? It’s a biological process from your brain! Your brain is programmed to defend you in EVERY SITUATION THAT FEELS NEW, no matter if it’s a good change or not.  This is something that has kept us alive through evolution, but it also hinders us to make progress in life.  So, we now know that every time you want to grow in some area and try a new thing, your brain will immediately send signals of fear and you will start thinking thoughts that feel very reasonable to you, why this might be a bad idea.  This is the reason why you are stuck! 

What can I do?

First of all, you need to understand that you can NEVER GET RID OF YOUR FEAR! Just accept that you will face fear every time you want to grow in any area of your life. Sometimes you feel more fear, sometimes less….but if it’s a change, a new situation, it will be present! When you are able to take notice of your fear and understand that the fear is not always an absolute truth of you standing in front of a dangerous situation, you can take control over your self and your emotions.  

It’s time to take action! The only way to get past the emotion of fear is to act anyway! The easiest way to do it is to commit to taking small micro-steps. What small step can you take today towards your goal? And what will you do tomorrow? 

At last, I want to tell you my “big secret” (well, it’s not that big of a secret anymore ;), how I was able to build a profitable online business within only 1,5 years.  

The only difference between you and me is TIME and MICRO-STEPS!!!!! 

Never underestimate a small step!

I hope this gave you some valuable insights into what you can do to release your self from stagnation and move forward to your goals.  

I would love to get your comments about this article.  

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