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For 25 years I worked in the retail trade and various service sectors.

For 25 years I worked in the retail trade and various service sectors. I was the head of 6 different stores and started several companies. The years went by, working long days and every other weekend on my body and family life. I dreamed of finding a way to support myself to get more free time with my children, that we could afford to travel and experience more together.

Therefore, I started up an internet company that imported and sold handbags. Sales were low and I never managed to earn more than pocket money for the company.

Therefore, I bought an established company that sold e-books and audiobooks online. I had no idea what the market looked like and therefore I became an easy replacement for competitors like Itunes and Storytel.

It all ended with a lot of bankruptcy and all of my savings went to make me debt free.

So after several years of struggle with the internet companies, I was exhausted and my managerial job made me in the spring of 2017 to become acutely sick for burnout and depression. For several months, I had no hurry to step out of bed during the days. I lay in a dark bedroom with the curtains drained for the windows. I saw no way out of my situation.

Time passed and I licked my wounds. I realized I would never start feeling good again if I went back to my job. That's why I said after a lot of wet and a lot of sleepless nights, set me up in September 2017.

What would I find now? My surroundings put that question to me over and over, but I had no idea what I wanted to do. But I knew I'd never had a job that required me to spend all my time away and also work a lot of overtime hours. I also knew that I wanted to earn enough money because I and my family could afford to do activities that we like in their spare time. I dreamed of finding a job where I made a difference for others, where I was appreciated and could feel joy in my duties. I wanted flexible working hours and control over my own life.

One day, an ad appeared to me on Facebook. It was a guy who told me about an education to learn digital marketing. This kind of ads usually I always click away, but this time there was something that caught my interest.

They talked about a video series to learn what opportunities are available online, and then I had to try the training one month for a really good try-on price. They offered to pay back my money if I did not get satisfied. I filled in an application and submitted, while I made a reminder on my mobile to quit the education and demand my money again .... which I never did!

It turned out that I had stumbled across an academy where you could not only learn a whole new profession. There were also ready-made tools that enabled me to get started very quickly. In addition, I was met by a community that is unique. There is a culture where everyone helps each other to succeed.

Today I have built a business has been living a genuine "Laptop-Lifestyle"! I work wherever I want and whenever I want. I'm so grateful for Martin who created the ad that I clicked on, so I want to do the same to others who have the same longing as I'm to be free!

If you want to enjoy the same video series I received from Martin, click on this link and fill in your name and email address. I will be watching movies that my teachers and mentors have recorded, explaining how you can also learn to earn money online without making the same expensive mistake that made me go bankrupt in my previous company. If only I had known everything I know today, it would never have happened!

I'm so proud of myself who dared change my life, despite the defeat. I was so afraid to fail and my confidence was in the bottom. But it turned out that at this Academy you never get to your fate, you get support, encouragement and coaching all the way. This education not only teaches you to become a real wealthy marketer online, you will learn how to find your unique value, feel that you have a purpose. Today, I do not feel like I'm working anymore, I'm having fun every day!

Now I hear from my customers that they are so happy that I placed my ad in their flow. It feels good in the heart. I wish you to feel that feeling!

Sign up for the free video series now, dare to take the opportunity.

Be a Game Changer!
/ Erika

About me Erika Lindstrom

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