A happier new year!

Dear friends….

As many of you might know by now, I started my business here at SFM after recovering from a really bad burnt out. Never in my life could I imagine that there actually exist this community, where you can earn a lot of money, and in the same time grow as a person, find your purposes and finally get time freedom to the things that really matter in my life.

I meet people daily that struggled so much with their life, and how to get this life puzzle to fit together. Some of them are almost desperate to find a solution because they feel like the life passes on, the children grow up and all they do is watching it from outside, busy being at work for an hour after hour. Some of these people and friends are just one step away from being out burned themselves.

So they ask me, how did you recover from your out burn? Before I use to answer them, do all the things that my doctor advised me to do, such as turn of your computer, do mindfulness exercises, and sleep a lot. Of course, It´s good for you to do all these things, but I tell you, the breaking point in my life, when I started to recover, was the day I took away the broken arrow from my chest, I quitted my job.

So, from my point of view, the only way to get well again, doesn´t matter if you are out burned or just have a feeling that something is missing in your life, THE ONLY WAY TO BE BETTER, IS TO REMOVE THAT ARROW THAT HURTS YOU!

This is not easy, it will come with a lot of anxiety and stress, but I promise you, as soon as the decision is made to make that change you need so much, the weight of your shoulders will ease at once!

I hope this might give you some courage and hope to take the next step in your life. From my heart, I wish you a wonderful new year´s eve and looking forward to continuing our conversation in 2018. Don´t forget, you are not alone. I and all my friends in our community will be there for you if you want to join us in SFM. We will help you how to start that business that gives you time freedom, and we will also be there for you when you start your new life journey.





2 thoughts on “A happier new year!”

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    1. Hello
      Thank you for your feedback. I actually got really happy about your comment, that you follow my blog and find it interesting to read, and want more content. I will do my very best to update more often. Thank you for taking your time to help me. Wish you a wonderful summer. //Erika

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