7 Most Popular Online Businesses To Start

Recently I have done questionary research and asked you what kind of online business you prefer to start. I gave you some options to choose from and here are the results of the 7 most popular online businesses to start right now: 

  1. High Ticket Affiliate 

  2. Selling Physical Products On The Internet

  3. Having My Own Coaching Service Online

  4. Web Courses 

  5. Writing and Selling My E-books Online

  6. YouTube Influencer

  7. Professional Blogger

When I got the results and analyzed them, I was not too surprised to find High Ticket Affiliate as your number 1 choice of business model. This business opportunity is quite new, but more and more people start to understand the greatness of this kind of business. This is also the kind of business model I use my self. 

What is High Ticket Affiliate?

Great question! Let´s us first talk about what affiliate means. 

Traditional shop

If you want to open a new shop, you will probably start looking for a great location and then see if there are any available store locals. When you have your contract for the local it`s time to fill your shop with products to sell. 

Comparision why high ticket affiliate business is more popular than a traditional shop.

Therefore you need to find some suppliers and negotiate your purchase prices. Then it`s time to place your orders and make sure you have your shelves full of nice products that your future customers hopefully like so much that they will buy from you. 

Your big opening day is here and full of expectation, you unlock the door to your store…if everything goes well, the customers have noticed that you now are open and enter your little shop. And if you did a great job finding nice things to sell, they will also buy from you. 

You now sell your products with a sales margin. By that I mean, you will sell your products more expensive than the price you bought them for. 

The profit on every product will need to cover for your expenses: 

    • local rental
    • freights
    • personnel costs
    • insurances
    • electricity
    • water
    • taxes
      …and many many more costs that are needed when having a physical store. 

But this idea can be great if you like to work in your shop and meet your customers in real life. What is important to know is that you will only earn money as long as you have your store open! You are also 100 % responsible for all the products you are selling and therefore need to have good customer service and replace damaged goods and so on. 

In this common business model your profit will be: 

+Selling price

-Purchase price

-Costs to run the store 

-Costs for personnel working in the store


= Your Profit

Affiliate Business Online

When you are running an affiliate business online, you don`t need to have any local, you can basically run it from bed if you like to 😉

Difference between low ticket affiliate and high ticket affiliate

Now you are also selling products or services, but in this case, you don`t buy any stock. You don`t own any products or services at all. Your job is to promote other companies products or services. When someone buys from the company you promote, you will get a commission from that. 

So, what this basically means is that you drive internet traffic to in the purpose to help the firm you are promoting to increase their sales. 


You can find affiliate programs in almost every niche there is. You can promote shoes, books, electrical products, travelling and even cars. Just pick something you like to promote, apply for their affiliate program and start driving traffic! 

So here is how you earn money with an affiliate program: 

 +Commission from customers that you sent to your affiliate partner after they bought a product from them. 

-Costs for internet connection etc
-Costs for paid marketing (or free marketing like blogging etc)
= Your profit!

But here is the problem with this business model…

Let`s say you promote books on Amazon. If every customer that you have driven to Amazon`s books store buys for $30, you will maybe get a maximum 5 % in commission from that, $1.50. You will need to sell a hell of a lot of books to be able to make a living from that. And I can almost promise you that the costs for marketing if you have paid advertising on the big platforms, YouTube, Google Ads, Bing, Facebook or Instagram, that what the commission from your sales will be. 

Therefore, this business model will not work if you don`t already have a big audience and do free marketing activities, which normally takes a significantly longer time to build. 

But wait…there is something much smarter you can do…

High Ticket Affiliate

This is an advanced selling system and it will demand some time and effort from your side to learn and build the systems around it. But when that quite steep learning curve is done, you can harvest the fruits and enjoy watching high commissions coming into your account.

Why high ticket affiliate are the most effective alternative to create a bigger online income

Basically, it means that you are promoting products that are more expensive and more advanced. But on the other hand, your commission will be significantly higher and can easily not only replace a full-time income from a traditional job, but you can earn more money than you might even dare to dream about. Is this easily earned money? No, I will take time and effort from you and here is the secret that is crucial if you will be successful or not..your ability to provide value to your followers! 

So, if I provide great value, will people then buy products online for $20.000 or more and I then I get a commission from that? 

No, probably not. If that happens to you, I would recommend you go and buy your self a lottery ticket, because it`s probably your lucky day! 

What a company that sells these high ticket products need to do to be successful, is to build trust. I mean, would you watch a YouTube ad and then pay $20.000 immediately after? Didn`t think so. 

But if they gave you a lot of free stuff to prove their abilities to you, and then asked you to try their premium products for a very small sum, with 100 % money-back guarantee…that could be more interesting, right? 

Then, after you had the chance to test the product you are more likely to upgrade to the next level because now the company and you have built some kind of relationship and trust, even if it`s not too solid yet. 

Later on when you have used their product or most likely their services for a while and you have experienced your self that this is truly valuable for you, and they really kept their word and provided everything they promised in the beginning, now you are likely to trust this service enough to buy their best program. 

So, how is this explaining the high ticket affiliate, business model? Well, first of all, it`s very important that you look for an affiliate partner to promote, that has this kind of funnel. And you need to make sure that you earn commission on every step of the funnel the customers take, and not only on the first sale. Here is the BIG difference to basic low affiliate programs. On those you normally only earn on the first sale. On a great hight ticket program, you will earn on the same customer for life. 

On the program, I am partnered with I can earn up to $12.330 in commission on 1 customer! 

Would that be interesting to you? If so, check out this video where my mentor and co-founder of my partner program Sfm/DEA, Stuart Ross explains in detail how this is possible. Click this link to register for a free webinar: http://tidyurl.com/5esxjx

So, how do you earn money on High Ticket Affiliate? 

+Commission from new customers to my affiliate partner program. This commission is not a one-time commission from the first sale, but for a lifetime. 

-Costs to be a member of the partner program

– Costs for internet connection and some internet services such as email-client, domains etc. 

– Cost for paid marketing (can also do free marketing but it will take much longer time). 


= My profit!

Can you now see why High Ticket Affiliate is the number one on the list of most popular business models online? 

I can totally understand if you still have a lot of questions about how you can start up your hight ticket funnel and if you not yet grip everything. That is totally okay and normal in the beginning. It was the same for me too when I got started. I understood that this is something very interesting and a great opportunity, but I still had no clue how to get started. 

That`s why I decided to join the Sfm that gave me a step by step education how to set everything up. It was so smart because while I was learning, I could after a while start marketing and earn my first money. Then I had coaching and support every step of the way. Now, only 2 years after I got started my whole life situation is changed. 

I can run my business from home, using my mobile phone and my laptop. Last summers I have spent 2 months sailing with my family and visited new countries by sea. My business is active 24 h, and I can check it now and then when we have internet connection in the harbours. For me, it`s so valuable to have the flexibility to work when it suits me and also I`m not stuck in a traditional store or office space. I just bring my job with me on my laptop 🙂

I understand and respect if you are full of objections right now. I totally understand if you are filled with doubts that this is probably a scam or so. I was too, in the beginning. But, I still want to challenge you to investigate for your self about this business model. And imagine if this is true and you decide to go for it your self, who do you want to trust to promote their business? 

If I where you, I would look for a company that provides: 

»A proven business model opportunity
»A high ticket affiliate program with customer lifetime commission. 
»A proven education system to help you build your funnel and advertising. 
»A company that provides you with tools ready to use. 
»A company that has leaders and trainers that have proven to be successful in this very business. 
»Access to coaching and training LIVE
»Access to personal help when you get stuck or need motivation. 
»Access to a community where they share their best practices and not compete with each other. 
»An affiliate program with the best commissions on the market with no limit how much you can get. 

My partners provide me with all this, and much much more, but there are several options out there. I hope this helps you to know what to look for when you are searching for your new high ticket affiliate program or education. Here`s a link to the Sfm where I got started so you can see for your self what they can offer you. 

Was this article helpful to you? Give me your comments below and share it with someone you think would benefit from knowing about this topic. 


Erika Lindstrom               

Elite Influencer
Marketing Mastery 
Mastermind Experience 
Member of the Sfm & DEA


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8 thoughts on “7 Most Popular Online Businesses To Start”

  1. Thank you for writing this article. The information in your blog is extremely helpful for choosing the best path for an online business. For affiliate marketing I heard it takes the same amount of effort to do low ticket as it would to do high ticket. So it makes sense to focus on high ticket products and services since the learning curve is relatively the same. 😉

    1. Thank you Mark. I actually never gave it a thought that it is the same amount of effort to build a low ticket affiliate business than high ticket affiliate, but it makes total sense. And I know that you really know what you are talking about, being a very successful high ticket affiliate your self. I really admire your work. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  2. Hello Erika, I found this article very interesting and after reading it I know it makes most sense to aim for high ticket products. That is truly wonderful how learning an online business has allowed you to spend your summers sailing. Sounds like you have achieved your dream lifestyle. Thank you for all of the useful information. Best wishes, Vicki

  3. Christopher Sacharuk

    I was blown away by the great info here. It is definitely the best option when getting started with a new business online today. In order to really take advantage of this kind of opportunity we have to buckle down and do what it takes to learn whatever we need to, or watch it all pass us by while we`re stuck working a 9-5.

  4. A great break down and analyses of the pros and cons of these online business models Erika. I`m sure this will be valuable info for many people looking to get started but unsure how.

  5. Gilbert Lanette

    Wow!! Your website is amazing. Congratulations on a job well done. I`m still struggling with mine. I hope to someday have mine half as good as yours. Keep up the great work.

  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing article with us. It was very useful for my career. Your guide will help me to start my online business. Keep sharing more!

    1. Thank you Noah. You know 10 years ago some people did still discuss whether it was a real business idea to start up on the internet. Today that’s out of the question. The internet is here to stay and now almost everyone can use it to create a business not ONLY to make money but to build a business out of their true passions.
      Imagine waking up every day (just like I just did) and read comments like this. True happiness!
      I wish you the best in the future. Take care.

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